WWE Superstars by chance: Logan Paul, Johnny Knoxville and Bad Bunny


Logan Paul as well as bad rabbit appeared in a number WWE recent events and WrestleMania 38 on Saturday, April 2, various celebrities will take part.

However, the question arises: WWE Are you doing the right thing by replacing real wrestlers who have been training for this all their lives with celebrities?

Celebrities in WrestleMania

Early years WrestleMania for example, each year a number of celebrities from the list of the best Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Damian Priest said in a recent interview with MARCA that such performances were usually purely promotional.

“People outside of wrestling treat it like something relaxed to promote what they have to promote and then walk away,” he said.

But, bad rabbit created another type of relationship between himself – a celebrity – and WWE. The singer appeared in WrestleMania 37 and returned again this year battle royaleand he’s labeled as a superstar on WWE Web site.

He devoted himself entirely WWE since his first appearance, and he forged a strong relationship with Undertaker.

till bad rabbit will not be able to participate in WrestleMania this year due to a conflict with his last concert tour, WWE tried to replace it Johnny Knoxville as well as Logan Paul.

From the big screen to WrestleMania

One of the main fights WrestleMania 38 we’ll see Logan Paul fight together Miz against Mystery King and his brother Dominic.

While it seems that Logan Paul will continue with WWE despues de WrestleMania 38he seems to do it less often than bad rabbit.

Meanwhile, Johnny Knoxville will take over Sami Zane in a fight where “everything goes”.

FROM Knoxville made it WWE debut, he intended to make Zanelife is miserable, for example, due to the fact that he flew on a plane with his phone number over Los Angeles, which he saw Zane receive tens of thousands of messages as well as hundreds of calls.

While these two fights are widely anticipated, we must simultaneously ask ourselves if this will be of any use. WWE in general, in what direction the organization is moving and WWE are doing right.


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