WWE superstar Big E confirms he broke his neck after a failed suplex during Friday Night SmackDown


World WrestlingEntertainment Everyone (WWE) superstar Ettore “Big E” Yuen shared video on Twitter to confirm that he broke his neck due to an unsuccessful suplex during Friday evening.

Big E sprawled out after a terrible landing during the first match of the evening. Yuen teamed up with Kofi Kingston take over Seamus as well as Ridge Hollandand after the incident, the match ended abruptly when Kingston was pinned by Sheamus.

Holland hit Big E outside the ring, and the former Intercontinental as well as WWE Champion did not move after landing. WWE didn’t air footage of Big E stretching out, but a fan video showed him giving a thumbs up before leaving the stage.

In the hospitalBig E posted a video on Twitter to make sure he was okay and thanked everyone for the well wishes. He seemed to be in a good mood, showing that he can move all his fingers.

I can’t thank all of you lovely people enough for your concern and your messages, it really warms the heart, ”said Big E.I can move all my numbers [fingers], you see it, it’s nice. It’s always good. The Force feels good, but unfortunately right now they tell me that my neck is broken. I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine, don’t worry.”


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