Wrestler Jim Duggan Faces New Battle to Beat Cancer


Jim Duggan, considered a WWE legend, once again shocked the American wrestling world by declaring that he has a cancer problem.which he thought he had overcome surfaced.

intensive treatment

Known as “The Hacksaw,” the 68-year-old gladiator took to social media to share a video of him appearing accompanied by his wife to inform his fans that he will be undergoing treatment to eradicate cancer from his body.

“We had an incredible time, but the reality is that we didn’t get very good news. I will have a second injection of the hormone, and on Tuesday I will begin radiation therapy, which will last eight weeks. The doctors are very optimistic and hope to eradicate the disease at an early stage, but these are very scary times for me and my family,” she said.

For much of the past year, Duggan has undergone several procedures to beat the disease, including having his prostate removed.

In fact, in December, a group of doctors treating the fighter concluded that he had beaten cancer, and even announced that he did not have cancer, but within a few weeks it resurfaced.

Interrupted commitments

Because of this new opportunity, Duggan also announced that he would not be able to fulfill his planned commitments, but would keep his fans informed about the development of his new treatment.

“I will be forced to postpone or cancel several appearances on the show. I want to get everything in order before continuing. I will let everyone know about it starting tomorrow. I hope this will be helpful. I thank everyone who helped me, and please do not grieve for me. Your prayers and kind thoughts are welcome, and remember: I will get through this,” he stressed.

Unfortunately, this is the third time Hacksaw has had to battle cancer, a disease that came to him when he was 40, only now he’s also suffering from heart problems.


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