WrestleMania 38: Johnny Knoxville pins Sami Zane with a giant mousetrap with the help of the Weirdo team


OROne of the most spectacular fights at WrestleMania 38 was Johnny Knoxville, who pinned Sami Zane with the help of the entire team of Freaks and a giant mousetrap.

Chris Pontius entered the ring first to help Knoxville in this No Holds Barred match. Wearing a denim thong, Pontius did his Party Boy dance on Zane before being shoved under the ring.

Wee Man body slams Samy Zayn

It was then that Wee Man appeared out of nowhere to unleash a flurry of punches that sent Zane running, ending up with the little man’s legendary body punching the professional wrestler. After several stunts by Knoxville and the crew, which included various novelties, the guys from Jackass introduced a giant mousetrap.

Knoxville put Zane in a mousetrap – albeit with a few technical issues – and pinned him down to take his first WrestleMania win. A team of Weirds, including producer Jeff Tremaine and Odd Future contestant Jasper Delphin, celebrated in the ring with Knoxville.


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