Women and number four with Falcon and Galdos in the background.


For this, out of four women who are not feminists, a government communist, and his ride on our Falcon on a tour of New York with an agenda emptyer than that of a retired bowler, he is more visible than ever, number four relationships with women. It is a curious connection, largely mysterious, which once again showed itself in the case of these four podemitas, with their display of insolence and misuse of public money.

The number four is a difficult number. in Spanish-American Encyclopedic Dictionary from Montaner and Simon its definition as an adjective is “three plus one”, which is no longer clear. Others define it as the number preceding three and preceding five. It can also be a double number, its square, the square root of 16, and many other variations. For example, 1000 minus 996. But this is already looping the loop. Let’s dwell on the fact that this is a digital understandable number, located halfway between the 10 Commandments and One. Plotinus.

It will be said that there are cases when groups of three, five, two, seven or more women stand out. Exist. For example, three Marys or three graces. Two women belonging Lauren and Magnani. Remember the five wives of Hadrian. Nine live in House of Bernard Alba. Seven women from Lesbos are presented as a gift Atris Agamemnon a Nestorcharioteer (to seduce Achilles). Isabelle Allende she could be one of the eight athletes, haha, who carried the torch of the Olympics (a mistake, of course).

There were even, remember, caravans of women, not only to far west in search of couples, but thousands very pious, like those of saint ursula and her virgins who tell Jacob of the Maelstrom in the Middle Ages.

But let’s move on to the most famous for our generations. Note, for starters, the most obvious and well-known that there were four of them. small woman from Louisa May Alcott and there were four of them, most recently girls from sex in new york. No, no, not four female sub-demists, but those from the series. And four, with grandma Sophia, were fun golden girls American television.

To get to know the art, four were, yes, witches or naked women. Albrecht Dürer (1550) and four were eventually women Jacob that although he only wanted one, he accepted the whole lot after dreaming about the stairs. And there are four women who have represented the seasons in the history of art.

There were a lot of four women in the movie. First, Spanish, since 1947, with Antonio del Amo, who were actually four faces of one. AT Two men in Manhattan (1958), it’s about a missing person being analyzed by four lovers. There are many, not very good and, unfortunately, too much Spanish. To get an idea, this comes from woman confidencefrom George Cukorwith four women (1962) Four women and one destiny, (1994). To remember some terribly bad ones, look Cinema guide from Charles Aguilar.

The theme of the four women is repeated in the story. It was already clear to the Almoravids that four free women were the maximum number of wives stipulated by the Qur’an, and they established this in their Al-Andalus. Philip II showed his son a portrait of four women, daughters Stallion of Archduke Charles of Styriato arouse your fleeting desire. Teodora, Justiniano’s wife, was one of four women from her almshouse rescued by the Blues party of that time, and hers ever since. AT The great history of feminism, four exceptions in Israel’s history are mentioned: Tamar, a foreign prostitute; Rahab, another prostitute; Ruth, a Moabite, and Bathsheba, a forgiven sinner.

But not according to the usual classifications, but it is better to group the interesting ones. Like the four remaining daughters of Bernarda Alba, little by little killed by Cuban communism, Reinaldo Arenas, portrays in Comet Halley. Sometimes it’s not that there are four of them, but that they are grouped four by four. For example, Carmen Alborchspeaking of advocates of adultery in literature, brings together Anna Karenina, Effie Brist, Regent D Madame Bouvari. All of them commit suicide, except for our La Regenta Leopoldo Alas, “Clarine”, compassionate, although, like all of them, it is equally difficult for him.

Sometimes four women are able to facilitate the creation of one. see Jane Austen. And in other cases, four women, apparently helpless, can make a decisive contribution to the uprising. They were people from the Auschwitz death camp, four Jewish women from the camp who supplied explosives to the death camp. Sonderkommando in absentia, which managed to shake the morale of the SS. There could have been six, eight, ten or fifteen, but there were four. We didn’t find their names.

However, the names were found in very remote circumstances. Among the Aztecs, the Mexican tells Hyacinth Chamois in his Handbook for Indian Ministers approved in 1656, although later it became known that a month later (12th or 13th), named Tepeiluitl, four women were always sacrificed, whom every year and willy-nilly had to be called the “iron rose”, “the one with the mesh petticoats”, “the airy rose” and “the one that cannot be.” After slaughter, “they distributed the meat among the rest according to the quality of each,” he concludes.

In this way, we could fill in lines and lines in almost endless ways. Manuel Barriosin his Epitaph for a gentlemandescribes the scene of Salvadorito in the Venta de los Majarones “acting like a bull, with two kitchen knives for horns and four women give him all sorts of passes: the excitement of these naked bodies in different positions on the set and, sometimes, scratches; then a trickle of blood made the pulse twitch…” Four women again.

Before Mario Benedetti in a haiku he writes: “Parliaments / four women / for feminism”. Before Marquis de Sade spoke to us in justine of the four classes of women in their festivities: in infancy, in youth, in the age of judgment, and in adulthood. Naturally, of course, there are sonnets (4) to four women. Cause: Maria Julia German brand. “O woman from my south, pioneer woman / with this call I greet you,” the first begins.

After checking the dark relationship between the four and women, you need to ask about the riddle. And that’s where we come, don Benito Perez Galdos. One day he was asked to write about a Spanish woman. This was due to the publication of a two-volume collection called Spaniards painted by Spaniards based on an idea by Roberto Roberta. He previously worked on the second volume Spaniards from Ohano.

It is curious that the writer abandoned the goal of “drawing” Spanish women in general, believing that such an archetype does not exist. He put it this way: “I don’t even have such and suchan object (Let’s call it that) and I don’t want to buy it, thank God.” one, but documentation with resounding and justified fiction for four types of political women directly related to their husbands.

The first is a progressive woman who embodies a fictional character associated with a famous husband: Mrs. Wilson. Baldomera Gutierrez, the wife of “Ayacucho”. Galdos treats her with privilege. In fact, he claims that “he sucked love of freedom with milk”, only political freedom, because in his married life he was honestly “obedient”. They never made money on power and stood their ground.

Second note about Mrs. Leopoldina de Manzanares, the Countess Vicalvaro (Leopoldo’s name was General O’Donnell) and characters from the bourgeoisie, enriched by the promiscuity and zeal of Mendisabal, and not by aristocratic origin. She portrays that she liked to please everyone, but what she liked most was money and French things.

The third sketch about a Spanish political woman is dedicated to Doña. Ramona of Loja, Dowager Marchioness of Arlaban, less easily associated with biographical suggestions. To point out, let’s assume that Ramón de Narváez, a general, was born in Loja and fought in Arlaban. “She was beautiful … she was elegant … she is very English,” and her husband’s customs were more like those of the Jolo Sultan than those of any other sovereign.

They close their four women Don notes candida la rapita, the most unpleasant for Galdos, about whom he speaks little, leaving her in thick darkness. Galdos remarks that she was terribly ugly, that the children in the street made fun of her, that she was sanctimonious and pious, though flirtatious with old rice and a lousy temper.

Returning now to the four of the Falcon, again to the four, Irene, Isa, Angela and Lidia, one might wonder if it is possible to create a sketch, like Galdos, to interpret these four women, perhaps emphasizing their relationship with their partners, as the great canary did. Of the first two, we already know the couples, Pablo Iglesias and Juanma del Olmo. Find out and write.

The first we might call Paula de Galapagar, Countess of Falcon. The second is Colma de la Sierra, sister of Claridad. The other two should be named as we learn more about their counterparts. What there is no longer any doubt about is that there were again four women and that there is a common factor in this case, an archetypal trait of the female communist left: they don’t care about public money.

What is mysterious, apart from the relationship between women and the number four, is that these “progressive women” spend the day talking about “the public” when, at the moment they are in power, they turn everyone’s property into a private good with a stern face and contempt for the Spaniards, which would evoke sarcasm if they weren’t so scary. It would take Galdos to trace their resemblance.

However, they already have a place in the stories of four women: whimsical, or ministers, or bullies, or hypocrites, or fakes, or women, not Sokol feminists.



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