Woman who commissioned Colombian hitman to kill her husband in Almería is freed


The Women accused of ordering murder of her husband still hitman The Colombian stayed in bail waiting to face a jury in Almería Provincial Court. Her husband, 65, was found dead with 15 stab wounds in a farmhouse in August 2021.

The head of the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 1 of Huércal-Overa (Almería) has agreed to release on bail for health reasons to the accused, who responds to the acronym BNAA and is also a Colombian national. The woman admitted her involvement in the events but said she had no part in the crime. The material order of the same will also be judged by a jury.

Before your Release, the woman must pay 6,000 euros and issue her passport. You will not be able to leave the national territory since you will have to appear in court on the 1st of each month, in addition to communicating any future change of residence.

The judge considered disability and the health problems of the defendant, who entered pre-trial detention on September 7, 2021, as well as her old age and his family roots to modify his personal situation with regard to the preventive measure, since he considers that, given the final phase towards which the investigation of the case is heading, there is no risk regarding the possible destruction of evidence.

In this sense, it rejects the position counter-expressed in this regard by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, considering that the social alarm of the facts or the severity of the sentences that the accused of criminality are not in themselves sufficient reasons to maintain their deprivation of liberty.

The judge recalls in his order that it is the respondent herself who changed with her the initial orientation of the police investigations “confessionon the facts, since the case was largely delayed by the receipt of the victim’s autopsy report and DNA samples referring to the other defendant.

With regard to the facts and in view of the alleged commission of a crime of homicide or murder, the judge also accepted the transformation of the procedure so that it could be followed by the procedures of a jury court , for which the two defendants were heard in inquest.

crime details

The persons investigated allegedly acted in the crime on behalf of the victim’s wife. The defendant went to the police station on September 3 last year – some 20 days after the events – accompanied by her lawyer, where she confessed to her involvement in the events, although she disassociated herself of the crime. In his account, he pointed to the alleged participation of the second person arrested, arrested a few hours after the fact.

However, according to the investigations carried out by the Judicial Police, it is estimated that the BNAA would have been responsible for planning the crime, which is why it would have mandated the DVG kill her husband. In this sense, the man would have taken advantage of the fact that the victim was alone in his farm located on Los Cabecicos Boulevard in Huércal-Overa on August 13, around lunchtime, to go to the scene armed with a bladed weapon.

The procedure indicates that the arrested man would have “repeatedly” planted a knife in the chest of the victim, who was at least 15 puncture wounds in the body as well as others which, according to the preliminary autopsy, would be of a defensive nature.

The detainee would have mandated the alleged perpetrator material “scaring” her husband, from which he was in the process of separating. The Civil Guard opened the investigation into the violent death of the man identified as GB, a bricklayer by profession, after his body was found in the building, located in the direction of the Úrcal district, shortly before 3:00 p.m. on Saturday 1st of August. 14. of 2021.

At first, local police officers had to report to the scene, where the first signs of a possible violent death were observed.


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