Woke Adidas Exec admits to promoting black men as ‘contribution to diversity’


Adidas promoted a black man because he was black, not out of merit, but because he wanted to score some awakening points. Adidas’s decision not only deprived employees of other races of the same opportunity, but his gesture is highly insulting to black people, who should be judged on their competence, not their race.

The only contribution that Roland Auschel made was to cultivate division, insult blacks, and punish the most potentially helpful employees. The black employee may not have even been aware that he was being sped up by his color.

“Adidas Exec Touted Black Manager As ‘Contribution To Diversity’: Report,” By Ariel Zilber, New York Post, Nov. 30, 2022:

A longtime Adidas executive told employees he promoted a black employee to a management position so the company can make a “contribution to diversity,” according to a report.

Roland Auschel, head of sales for the Germany-based sportswear maker, reportedly made the comment during a meeting with 200 managers in 2019, the Financial Times reported.

“It was completely inappropriate,” an employee who was at the meeting told the FT.

Auschel’s comment prompted Adidas to launch a two-year investigation that ended with the well-paid executive keeping his job, according to the FT.

The company told the FT that it has retained “a reputable law firm” to investigate allegations of “potential violations of internal conduct guidelines” as part of a “comprehensive and independent” investigation.


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