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Chinese smartphone maker Huawei U.S.-imposed trade sanctions in 2019, driven by Donald Trump, have slowed it, are on a full-scale upswing, and are on the verge of a world number one.

The direct effect was not really felt until two years later. Through the game of stocks and the effective implementation of measures, Huawei briefly led the world in 2020.

Huawei P30 Pro, conquer the era

For CEO Richard Yu, without the restrictions imposed by the US (fears of espionage and telecom wiretapping), today’s top two smartphone makers would be Huawei and… Apple.

Samsung is dead?

And Samsung? The South Korean giant remains firmly in the lead in the world market, but has been relegated to the ranks of secondary manufacturers. This argument may be due to its weaker presence in China (unlike Apple), which is still the largest mobile market in the world.

It’s obviously easy to speculate on the assumption that Huawei is irresistible, but Yu Chengdong said the Chinese manufacturer could have taken market share from Samsung, especially since the Galaxy S line of high-end smartphones has tended to lose ground as demand for the iPhone has grown over the years. continue.

At the same time, the latest generation of chips and 5G mobile technology is also difficult to achieve, and the Android system and sales volume of Huawei’s smartphones are also very different, giving other Chinese players a head start. Granted, Harmony OS is now deployed, but it still has a long way to go to make it a robust and widely distributed ecosystem.


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