With a good forecast, the arrival of tourists to the island.


The winter season is predicted to be favorable for Puerto Rico in terms of foreign visitors, as ranking the top of the list of US jurisdictions with the highest covid-19 vaccination rates will be a key factor for more travelers choosing the island as a destination to visit. , according to Carlos Mercado, executive director of the travel company.

“In October we had about seven cruise ship transit stops, a sector that was very slow, and about 45 stops are expected in November because there are many closed ports in other countries. These are quick stops, but in November we will have our first flight from Puerto Rico as our base port. This is different because these are people who travel here, stay one night, take a cruise, come back and spend one more night before returning to their destination, ”he said in an interview. IS TALKING

This increase in foreigners who come to the island is due in large part to the Puerto Rican government’s control over vaccinations and the fight against coronavirus, Mercado said. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the island has administered 151,828 doses of vaccine per 100,000 inhabitants.

More than 4.8 million doses of vaccines have been administered in Puerto Rico in total, according to the federal agency. Meanwhile, statistics from the Ministry of Health’s portal show that 80.5% of the eligible population – 12 years and older – have the full vaccine series, which is 2,292,391 people.

In addition, 88% of the eligible population has at least one dose of the vaccine. In the United States, 219,161,368 (66%) people received one dose of the vaccine, and 189,487,793 (57.1%) received the full series of vaccines.

“There has been a lot of effort at the healthcare level. We had several international events and meetings at which we presented our vaccination levels and said that there has never been a saturation level in hospitals that would put the health care system at risk. This increased hotel occupancy and increased air throughput, creating the perfect storm for them to see us as a safe place, ”he said.

Regarding US President Joe Biden’s plan to enter the country – from November 8 – only foreign guests vaccinated with Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, he said it was a wise decision. solution.

“That the vaccine is required to enter the United States is very positive because, in addition to protecting themselves, it convinces many people who need to travel to get vaccinated. We need more people who come from overseas but get vaccinated like tourists from Europe, which – although this is not a majority sector – has a positive impact because they stay longer than people from the states, ”he said.

Overseas tourists are expected to continue to grow, both via airports and cruise ships, which Mercado believes will help bolster the island’s tourism sector.

“We will have a very active Christmas and end of the year because they see us as a safe place. Now, to go on a trip, to reunite with family or to visit the sights of other countries, the tourist pays attention to the health factor, ”said Mercado.

The official added that “in addition to price and availability, people are interested in how they dealt with covid-19. Having a high immunity index is always a competitive advantage, especially in Latin America, where few countries are encouraging vaccination. Plus an American tourist escaping the cold in Puerto Rico, ”he added.

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