Win 27 million with a ticket from the “lucky kiosk”


Santander (EFE).- A winner of the special category of the Primitiva won more than 27 million euros with a ticket validated at the Estrella Dorada kiosk, located at number 264 Paseo de General Dávila in Santander.

This is the fourth time in its history that this “lucky kiosk” has sold a lottery prize, although it is by far the biggest of them all.

The owner of this kiosk, Daniel Gómez, always told EFE, in disbelief, that he felt “a lot of satisfaction” for having awarded this “so powerful” prize.

“That would be the fourth prize. We donated 163,000, 176,000 and one million euros; We didn’t miss anything more than the Primitiva, it was a big prize and it’s the biggest we’ve given”, he underlined.

And, although nothing is known about who was the winner, Gómez points out that it is normally the people “over there”, in the neighborhood, who graze the Primitiva seal.

Daniel Gómez, who still does not believe he has presented this “so impressive” prize, hopes to have the same luck and to be able to distribute the Christmas jackpot.

The more than 27 million euros are divided into 26,494,603 of the prize and others of the first category.

The winning combination was 30 28 10 25 15 16, with complement 46 and refund 1.


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