Willy Bárcenas after the meeting with his parents: “Always with optimism”


Willy Barcenas and Antón Carreño did not want to miss the delivery of the Woman of the Year Award from the magazine Harper’s Bazaar, which has fallen to the Marquise de Griñón, Tamara Falco. An evening full of elegance and sophistication in which the members of the Taburete group have added a touch of humor to a very special event in the capital.

Willy Bárcenas and Antón Carreño at a photocall in Madrid. /Gtres

Dressed in a tuxedo, as specified for the occasion, and displaying their good character, both Willy and his groupmate have revealed who the woman of the year is for them. The singer has had no qualms about saying that for him, his partner, Loreto Sesma, is the woman of the year and of her life, although she has said that this is a place that she shares with her mother. Her groupmate has been more discreet, Anton Carreno, that he has said that, personally, his girlfriend is the woman of the year, but that he considers that the singer of Argentine origin Nathy Peluso is the woman of the year.

Willy Bárcenas with Loreto Sesma in Madrid. /Gtres

Based on the recent family reunion starring his parents, Willy Bárcenas has not hesitated to ensure that he is very excited about this meeting. He himself shared some details through his Instagram account, where he posted a photo during a lunch in which Luis Bárcenas and Rosalía Iglesias could be seen around a table with his son Willy and the His girlfriend Loreto Sesma. «Very happy after so long to be able to enjoy, even for a few days, the truth is that they are very happy. Always with optimism »he said with a big smile, which shows how excited he is after this special family reunion.

Publication in networks of Willy Bárcenas. / Social networks

The singer took advantage of the prison leave of both his mother, Rosalía Iglesias, and his father, Luis Bárcenas, to publish an image on their networks that also shows how integrated his girlfriend, Loreto Sesma, is in his family. «Five years later, we are together again», wrote the singer next to a red heart. A publication that he shared in the stories of his profile and in which Loreto, curiously, appears next to his father, while he is next to the other woman in his life, his mother .

The group has also taken advantage of the occasion to comment on some details in relation to their upcoming projects: “We present our new album next week and we hope to see you there”, the two have emphasized effusively. Likewise, the two members of Taburete have revealed that they know the singer Ana GuerraVíctor Elías’s girlfriend, and that she is a wonderful girl: “we like her very much”, they both said in unison before leaving.


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