Will Smith’s slap on Chris Rock: will there be consequences with the police?

TI have oscar 2022 ceremony, moment Will Smith Slap Chris Rock for mentioning his wife Jada Pinkett Smith overshadowed absolutely everything else that happened during the 94th Academy Awards, however, apparently, this incident will not have a police trail.

According to Los Angeles Police Department In an investigation report by Variety, Chris Rock waived his right to file a police report over the aforementioned incident in which Smith was outraged by a joke he considered in bad taste in which he made fun of his wife’s lack of hair.

LAPD statement

“LAPD Investigations are aware of an incident between two people during the Oscars,” the LAPD said in a statement. “In the incident, one person hit another. The person involved refused to file a police report. Should the party involved wish to receive a report to the police at a later date, the LAPD will be prepared to fill out an investigation report.”

The incident happened while Chris Rock was presenting an award for Best Documentaryin his speech, the comedian joked in which he compared Jada with Demmy Moor who shaved her hair to play in the 1997 film”Soldier Janestating that Pinkett Smith could star in “Soldier Jane 2“, Will Smith’s wife suffers from alopecia, which is an abnormal hair loss synonymous with baldness.

After this comment, the Best Actor winner for King Richard got up from his seat, hit Chris Rock hard on stage and angrily told him:Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth!

Denzel Washington helped calm Will Smith

After a break from work Denzel Washington Will grabbed Smith and gave the following advice: “Be careful at the best moment, that’s when the devil will come for you.”


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