Will Smith’s Most Unusual Birthday After Being Beaten


Almost half a year has passed since the 2022 Oscars, so this is one of the big moments before and after Will Smith’s career. Despite winning the Best Actor Award, the protagonist bell air prince The evening’s host Chris Rock couldn’t help but lose his temper as he joked about hair loss Jada Pinkett. A movement that has had a huge impact at the international level, with different supporters and opponents.

Will Smith and Chris Rock/Gtres

Regardless of public opinion, the truth is this That outbreak gave Will more headaches than joy. So much so that, first of all, the artist had to go into a rehab clinic in April to manage all the stress, in fact Leaving Hollywood Academy after opening disciplinary file for “violating the College’s standards of conduct, including inappropriate physical contact, abusive or threatening behavior, and compromising the integrity of the College college“, among other reasons. That’s why the actor isn’t expected to return to the Oscars for the next decade, despite not giving up the last award he won that day, despite being the star of the event, not for his film. Skill.

Will Smith at the Oscars/Gtres Awards
Will Smith at the Oscars/Gtres Awards

While it is likely that Will will have some difficulty getting back to work because there are so many people who disagree with his attitude, the truth is that three months after the incident, the translator resumed his cinematic experience with the script. Events for the sequel to one of his successful films, I am a legend. This is how he exposes sunsuggesting that the entire team sees his return as something completely normal and planned, although at the time Warner Bros. had not made his opinion public or assumed that the professional left the project in question.

Will Smith
Will Smith and his wife on the red carpet / Gtres

Today, with Smith just turning 54, it seems that water is slowly getting back on track, and despite having lost courage, audiences are paying more and more attention to the man who has been their idol for years.so much, through analysis Q scoreas we all know that while Philly’s profile has dropped, it’s not as impressive as others, such as tiger woods. This means that the audience didn’t take the slap seriously. Even so, although he was initially listed as a “favorite star” by 39 percent of those surveyed, A few months later, only 24% said so, and 26% felt that what happened was rather “negative”. Therefore, it is also worth noting that Jada Pinkett-Smith’s little support for her husband also affected her imageOnly 6% of positive approvals are based on Shaffer.


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