Will Smith wins Best Actor and explains why he hit Chris Rock


TueSick Smith was the biggest highlight of the animated Academy Awards, which initially seemed scripted as he jumped onto the stage and hit Chris Rock. But after learning the details of what happened, we quickly realized that the Smith family is going through a difficult time when Jada Pinkett-Smith suffers from an illness that causes her hair to fall out. The moment Rock made that joke, she greeted Will in a way he didn’t expect. He just reacted and did what he did. Let’s be honest, he wasn’t proud of himself for stepping on stage to attack a fellow artist, regardless of the joke he pulled off. That’s why he gave a heartfelt apology speech after accepting his first academic award for playing the lead role.

This is what Smith said: “I want to apologize to the Academy. I want to apologize to all my fellow nominees. It’s a beautiful moment and I’m not crying for an award. It’s not about winning an award for me. Richard Williams was a fierce protector of his family. At this time in my life, at this moment, I am amazed at what God is calling me to do and be in this world. In making this film, I had to protect Aunjanue Ellis, who is one of the strongest, most delicate people I have ever met. I have to protect Sania and Demi, the two actresses who played Venus and Serena. My life is meant to love people, protect people and be a river for my people. I know that to do what we do, you have to be able to take abuse. You must be able to make people talk crazy about you. And you have to smile and you have to pretend that everything is fine.

Denzel Washington spoke to Will Smith after the slap.

Right after the slap, there was a moment when Denzel Washington approached Will Smith to talk to him. In addition, Smith’s publicist Meredith O. Sullivan and producer Will Packer spoke directly to him. It was clear that he was unhappy with his behavior, but his explanation was clear and he didn’t even mention Chris Rock’s face slap. I ended by saying, “Thank you Dee. A few minutes ago Denzel said, “Be careful when the devil is coming for you. Thank you for this honor. Thanks for this moment. on behalf of Richard, Oracin, and the entire Williams family. Thanks. I hope the Academy invites me again.” Do you think it was scripted or real?


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