Will Aaron Rodgers leave Green Bay to become Brady’s successor to the Buccaneers?


Tom Bradywithdrawal decisionending a 22-year NFL era for one of the greatest athletes in the history of the sport may seem like a one-time event, but it could actually lead to a domino effect that involves another quarterback. Aaron Rogers.

It’s no secret that the 38-year-old Rogers looks more to the future than to him. Green Bay Packersa team that was told last offseason that he would not be returning, though he ultimately decided to continue in 2021.

The Packers themselves are aware of the possible departure of Rodgers and even preparing for this moment, which they demonstrated during the 2020 draft when they traded to select Jordan love.

Although Rogers’ relationship with Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst He is said to have improved and that would be the key to bringing the current MVP back to the franchise, with new horizons coming his way.

Will Tampa Bay attract the Rodgers?

With Brady gone, the Buccaneers need a guaranteed quarterback, making Rodgers one of their interests to fill the position, but the former Super Bowl champion may not be interested in that scenario.

Rodgers knows that any quarterback who comes to Tampa Bay to replace Brady will be forced to live up to his historic predecessor, and that anything less than a Super Bowl win will be considered a failure.

The foregoing could be seen by Rogers as the biggest challenge of his career, or as a barrage of criticism that he’s used to but doesn’t want to shoulder.

What other options does Rogers have?

In addition to the Buccaneers, Rodgers has also been linked, so far only by rumors in the press, to Pittsburgh Steelers who lost Ben Roethlisberger, Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphinsand even Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts.


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