Wide receiver agility drills: what five drills will best improve your agility?


BUTAny good receiver should be able to run forward and duck defenders in an effort to catch the ball and continue on his way.

As a result, wide receivers must have the speed and agility that few other footballers need.

SW What exercises should wide receivers do to improve their agility? We have reviewed some of the best.

What are the top 5 exercises to improve your agility?

stick drills

A great way to improve your speed in your first few steps is to do pole exercises. You will need to install about seven cones and place the second one about 12 inches from the first. Each subsequent gap should be approximately six inches larger than the previous gap.

From there, your starting position should be to get into a two-point stance and then run with one foot in between each set of cones, and remember to run through that final cone.

resistance sprints

Resistance sprints are another great exercise, but it takes a partner to make it work.

You should line up facing your partner in a two-point stance and ask him to put his hands on your shoulders to support you. From there, run forward about five yards while your partner resists.

coming off

This requires four cones, but again, this is a great exercise.

You should start in a two-point stance on the first cone and run as fast as you can on the second cone.

As you approach her, jump up sharply and drop your hips, then turn on one leg and run in the other direction. Turn around and go to the third cone, go around it and run to the fourth cone to finish.

stride length training

This workout starts with six cones, the first of which is the starting line. The second cone should be about 20 yards ahead and the third should be about 12 inches below your height in front.

The fourth should be six inches short of your height in front, and then the fifth should be about the same length as your height. The last cone should be six inches longer than you are.

You must then run forward and place one foot between the cones as you reach them.

Up Two Back One Drill

This exercise teaches you to start quickly, stop and change direction, and is also an excellent conditioning exercise.

It requires you to run as fast as you can for 10 yards, then step back five yards, then run forward another 10 yards and back five more yards. This should be repeated.


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