Why we increased the Abuja-Kaduna train fare – NRC


Tea Nigerian Railways Corporation (NRC) He said that the reason why he decided to increase the train fares is because of the rising energy bills, especially the diesel that is needed to run the trains.

This was revealed by Mr. Fidet Okhiria, Managing Director of NRC, during an interview on Saturday in Abuja.

His explanation comes ahead of the scheduled resumption of service on the Abuja-Kaduna rail system, which was halted after terrorists attacked it in March.

More about the rate increase: The NRC chief noted that the price increase would be implemented with the interest of Nigerians and other travelers highly in mind as the service cannot be halted due to the high cost of diesel. He said:

  • “It is better to have it operational than not operational. It’s the service we’re providing, but in order to provide it, everyone has to make some sacrifices.
  • “The biggest cost should be the cost of diesel. Because we require diesel to run the trains. The price of diesel has tripled by more than three and it is costing us to set up the human and material security required to keep the trains running.
  • “We need to service the infrastructure that we put in for the extra security that we ensure and the extra staff that will be going up and down to help; They need some incentives. So I think Nigerians should bear with us. We are still working on the best start.”

In case you missed it: The Nigerian government previously stated that as part of measures to ensure traveler safety, Nigerians will not be allowed to use the Abuja-Kaduna train service without their national identification number.

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