Why was Mona Lisa attacked with cake?


Tuewhen the guest is Louvre in Paris attempted to break the glass protecting the world’s most famous painting before smearing a cake on its surface in an obvious environmental publicity stunt, everyone panicked, however Mona Lisa was unharmed.

According to a video posted on social media, a young man wearing a wig and wearing lipstick arrived in a wheelchair. In the gallery of the museum, an unidentified man was also seen throwing roses.

The perpetrator then jumped out of the wheelchair and crashed into bulletproof glass while disguised as an elderly woman.

The attack of the cake left a visible white creamy stain, but Leonardo da Vinci the famous work was not harmed.

On Monday, representatives of the Paris Louvre refused to comment on the strange incident the day before.

Cause of Mona Lisa attack

In another video, the man who threw the cake said in French, “Think of the Earth, people are destroying the Earth,” as he was escorted out of a Paris gallery by security. “Think about it. Artists tell you: think of the Earth. That’s why I did it.”

After all, it was all an environmental protest against climate change. However, authorities are concerned that this could be the first of many.

No images of the incident have surfaced. According to the Paris prosecutor’s office, an investigation into the attempted vandalism of a cultural work has been launched.

The Renaissance masterpiece of the 16th century has seen a lot in more than 500 years of its existence.

The painting was stolen by a museum employee in 1911, boosting its international reputation. It was also damaged in an acid vandal attack in the 1950s and has been kept behind glass ever since.

In 2009, a Russian woman, angered by her inability to obtain French citizenship, threw a ceramic cup at him, breaking the cup, but not the glass or the painting.


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