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Did you know you can minimize your environmental impact through your website? For this, it is of course important to be economical in terms of images and videos, but the point is the following: You must choose ecological web hosting. explain…

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A scaled representation of the space that a byte would occupy if each byte was 1 cubic millimeter. © Yuanqiu Studio

The internet is virtual…how can websites be harmful to the environment? This is what some people think about when they talk about the environmental consequences of the location of their company or association. The reality is completely different.Website data is stored on real computer servers and these are voracious consumers fossil fuel.

Often, when a website owner is asked about his motivations, he usually replies that he wants to attract as many visitors as possible and, if possible, convert those visits into the engagement of those visitors: subscribe to a newsletter, buy an item He rarely responds by saying that he remains ecologically motivated, or even realizes that he can improve his environmental impact through his website.

At the same time, more and more citizens want to guide their actions arrive sustainable development And hope to minimize the impact on the environment through the following measures Recyclebuy green products, use clean transportation, etc.

If you’re thinking this way, know this: You can also reduce your environmental impact by choosing to host your website with an access provider that cares about its ecological impact.

consumption close to aviation

When one thinks of sources of pollution, the aviation sector automatically comes to mind. reference site, Atac.org Tell us, the airline industry is 2.1% Emissions carbon monoxide2. But if we are to believe net neutrality programpollution fromthe Internet Very close to the plane, that is 2%!

The Web Neutral Project brandishes other alarmist stats:

  • The Internet consumes 10% of the world’s electricity;
  • If the internet were a country it would be 6e Electricity consumption lags behind Russia, Japan, China, India and the United States;
  • Data centers consume 200 terawatts per hour (TWh), more than countries such as Iran.

That’s not all. Computer servers should account for 32% of global emissions from 2025 if action is not taken towards better energy efficiency carbon, Claiming Zella DC It builds small computing units with greatly reduced environmental impact. According to the same source, this number doubles roughly every four years.

It happens that the number of users is also increasing: in April 2022, there are 5 billion internet users or 63% of the world’s population.For its part, Internet Live Stats lists some 2 billion websitesand this number keeps increasing.

Ecological cost of cooling the computing unit

Why is internet hosting so energy-intensive?culprit Door One Name: Cool.Data centers house thousands or tens of thousands of powerful computers that generate hot Intense – especially since they line up in a large, unventilated room. To compensate for this heat, it is necessary to install an advanced cooling system.This cooling activity alone consumes more than 40% energy.

Another source of wasted energy is that most of the time these devices are running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but many times these servers are idle. However, they are still running.

How Green Web Server Works

To remedy this situation, more and moreweb host Emphasize that they take this ecological factor into account, thereby helping to make your site neutral in terms of CO2 production2 Even, better yet, its effects are negative.

To this end, these green hosts mainly rely on Renewable Energy such as hydro, solar or Wind Turbines. Some buy very small servers. artificial intelligence Used to recalculate the cooling of the unit in real time for precise adjustments.Likewise, a central unit Devices that are not in use at a given time of day or week can be put into a state of very low or even zero power consumption.

So when renewing your subscription with your hosting, you can check that it takes into account its impact on the environment and change service providers if necessary.In this way, the website can be managed while helping to reduce CO production2 You can even highlight this asset on your website.

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