Why is Putin interfering in Kazakhstan’s affairs?


This column is not about geopolitics. This has nothing to do with the great reasoning of international political theorists. This is a purely political comment. Try to briefly answer three simple questions about the political crisis in Kazakhstan. Why are Kazakhs protesting and rebelling against their government? Because they want more freedom and a better salary. The government will give in on the second, but from now on there will be more repression at all levels of society. Why did Russia’s most repressive military and police forces immediately intervene in Kazakhstan’s affairs?despite the fact that it was not captured by any other country? Because Putin is afraid that the Russians will imitate Kazakhstani protesters. Either the fire of the riot was quickly extinguished, or it spreads through the totalitarian Russian regime. Putin is afraid of losing power and, above all, of being discovered with hype and hype around Ukraine. He will never invade this country because he has neither the talent nor the courage to do it. He’s a coward. He lives off the threat, because he knows that the Ukrainians, Poles and other Baltic peoples (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland) will fight to the death for their independence. This is not the case in the rest of Europe. Why is the European Union silent in the face of Russian lies and the brutal repression that Kazakhs have suffered? For cowardice. They don’t want to confront Russia or its patronizing power, China; He prefers to remain silent in the face of the injustice and repression suffered by the Russians and the Chinese. This echoes the same cowardly behavior that legitimized the Hitler-Stalin Pact in the 1930s.

These three questions converge in Kazakhstan. Demonstrations over rising fuel prices have resulted in dozens of deaths on the streets over several days. Putin reacted like a wounded beast… He defended with extraordinary fury the main pearl that wears his crown: the small communist empire, made up of several former Soviet republics in recent decades. Putin will kill without mercy so that this jewel will not be taken away from him. The former KGB lieutenant colonel – he never rose to the rank of colonel – feels danger behind him and where he least expected it. Once again, he failed as a political police officer. He did not find out about the contradictions in Kazakhstani society… Even less is the Kazakhs’ desire for autonomy in relation to the Russians and the Chinese themselves. Putin bought people like Berlusconi, Blair, Schroeder, Chirac, Bush Jr. and the like, he still buys from cowards and delusions in the West, but now he is failing against what he has next: a riot for freedom. No one from the West sponsored the Kazakh uprising. The barbarians of geopolitics are silent about nonsense! Hunger and, above all, the desire to be free is a trigger for mobilization in Kazakhstan. Freedom, yes, that’s what infuriates Lieutenant Colonel Putin!

The Russian despot will do everything so that the uprising in Kazakhstan does not pass to Russia. Soon it is said that for the first time in the history of this former Soviet republic there is an uprising against twelve clans that control political power through the mediation of Russia. Kazakhstan has never rebelled against an oppressor in its history… Terrible news. It shows that negligence, apathy, in a word, the slavery of the people is the best ally of its terrifying leaders. Kazakhs are as shy as the Slavs. All of them are permeated with communist barbarism. It is important to know the history of Kazakhstan in order to know what we are talking about. Before the Soviet revolution, be careful with this fact, it was never a fully structured country with a sedentary population. The communists finally turned this territory with nomadic tribes into another republic of the former federation of the Soviet Union. I think this was the only political progress for these people in their entire history. In truth, Kazakhstan was the first stronghold of Soviet expansionist politics. This republic had no other meaning for the old Central Committee of the CPSU, except for the protection of Russia from China. In this respect, the expansionist policies of the Nazis and the Communists have always been the same: they defended themselves by placing other territories between them.

Well, during the existence of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan was the most loyal republic and obeyed the orders of the Kremlin; and so it continued after the collapse of the federation. Kazakhstan has always been defended by Russia. She received all kinds of help and encouragement, and even still has one of the largest Russian military bases in the world, Baikonur. Kazakhstan has always been the beauty of communist Russia and today’s unsovised Russia.… Undoubtedly, over the past forty years, a fundamental political figure has contributed to all this: Nursultan Nazarbaeva key link between the old Soviet regime and the new Sovietization imposed by Putin since 2004, when he came to power for the second time in a rigged election. The Russians, yes, were great intermediaries between the twelve clans who share this vast territory with Uranus for train stops and all kinds of precious metals, not to mention that it is the greatest power in Asia in the world of bitcoin, but the contradictions of this society are so great that it got out of control. They do not know how to control the uprising, except for killing.

They will resort to propaganda, to lies that they want to suppress the actions of terrorists – 20,000, according to them, will twist all the laws that existed and for what they have, they will shout that they are fulfilling the mandate that has arisen from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), led by Russia and which includes Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan – this is the first intervention since its inception in 1992 – in short, The Kremlin will say that this is a “peacekeeping mission” despite the lack of UN protection.But the only certainty that Putin wants to stop, whatever the fire of the Kazakh uprising, is because he is scared to death. Its strength, yes, it is overwhelming. His allies are only the West, the traditional slavery of the Slavic people and the support of the Chinese criminal regime.

Putin was left with his own animal nose. The lieutenant colonel of the former KGB, for all the bloodthirsty vices of the secret police, did not expect a riot for bread and freedom from his pearl in the crown. He panicked because he knows better than anyone how “small” Russia and its empire are today. Everything hangs on a thread. He fears that the protest will spread to the center of his small empire.… For this reason, he intervened with the greatest brutality to suppress the rebellion. Putin, yes, he panicked. He did not even find a person to replace him in power. Once again, as in 1991, Putin’s neo-communism will collapse due to its own ineptitude and clumsiness. And the West does nothing. Shame on democracies in words! But don’t be fooled. Nobody believes it will end overnight. Communism in Russia is as alive as it was in the most repressive times of the former Soviet Union. Putin has succeeded in reinforcing the worst of the Slavic people: their addiction to slavery. Millions of people live in poverty. The salaries are tiny. The food is scarce. The level of alcoholism and suicide will put any decent person to shame. St. Petersburg and Moscow are the only cities with minimal services and amenities, albeit bad and backward, while the rest of the country is dying of disgust … Russian society does not exist. Dominate the crowd. A crowd of slaves adapts to everything. There is no political opposition, and if someone appears, as in the case of Navalny, he is killed or deported. Putin occupies everything. Russia is not an authoritarian regime, but a terrible dictatorship covered by propaganda and complicity in the silence of the EU countries

In short, Kazakhstan is the first warning about the inefficiency and failure of Putin’s neo-Soviet regime. Akaki Akakievich Putin, a former bodyguard at the 25th rung of the KGB military ladder, began his descent to his political origins with an uprising in Kazakhstan: he either kills them or agitates to the demands of Kazakhstani protesters.

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