Why is Johnny Depp a fan of the Miami Dolphins and since when?


Iin the midst of a scandal a libel suit is currently pending Johnny Depp and Amber Heardmany little-known secrets and details about both actors came to light or gained fame through net worth Pirates of the Caribbean star or now NFL team that Capt. Jack Sparrow supports.

To the surprise of some Depp fans, the actor is not a fan of a Hollywood-like team like the reigning Super Bowl champions. Los Angeles Rams or Chargersor even a franchise with a California background like las vegas raidersbut Miami Dolphins.

Why is Johnny Depp a fan of dolphins?

The love story between Depp and the Dolphins stems from his childhood as the actor was born on June 9, 1963 in Owensboro, Kentucky and his family moved to Miramar, Florida in 1970 when Johnny was only seven years old.

During Depp’s childhood and adolescence, the current actor became a fan of the Dolphins, and he took every opportunity to see the team play at home, even when he dropped out of Miramar High School at 16 to try his luck in the music world with his first rock band, The Kids.

Since then, already a well-known actor, Depp has not missed the opportunity to go see dolphins at various NFL stadiums, either accompanied by his family, such as his former partner Vanessa Paradis and their son John “Jack” Christopher Depp III, or even alone. .

From time to time, Depp does not hesitate to enter the stadiums in the colors of the Miami franchise, although we are not sure that in the 2022 NFL season the actor’s legal problems have already been resolved and we will see how he supports his team again. .


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