Why in Spain we decided that Covid-19 no longer exists

Sometimes, you can’t bear it anymore, and you can’t bear it anymore, period. Sometimes one is any of us, sometimes one is an entire country, such as Spain.

Since the end of July, When the vaccination rate exceeds the famous 50% The number of cases that broke out in the summer began to stagnate, and almost everyone was relieved and said: “So far, the epidemic has passed. coronavirus“, captured and unarmed, disappeared. “We packed up and went on vacation.

Since then, citizens and authorities have been very relaxed about coexisting with the virus. If the Delta variant can’t beat usWho can do it in the future?I’m sure the answer is nobody, Masks in open spaces — maybe not needed from the beginning — are becoming rarer, The interior of the bar and restaurant is full of fearlessness Sports events, cinemas and theaters have begun to return to normal. After the industry experienced a loss of millions of dollars for a year and a half, the music industry has also seen the green light of trying to catch up.

Is this position reasonable to the virus? Has it really disappeared from our lives? We don’t know, of course. There is always the possibility of new variants, a decline in vaccine protection… In short, something has escaped our prediction, Its effectiveness has never been noticeable.

For now, the latest figures speak for themselves: in the week before Puente del Pilar, the cumulative number of cases in Spain increased by 12,491 (we went from 5 million to less than 30,000) and 315 people died, this number is still a bit high This left us with 86,778 deaths. It may exceed one hundred thousand.

Although we have been watching The cruelest consequence of summer excessIn just three months, more than one million cases were detected. The fact is that the spread of the virus in Spain is almost zero. This has a lot to do with 79% of the vaccinated population-87.8% of the elderly. -.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in many other countries. In these countries, the pandemic is not only not seen as the past, but is still the main media and political focus with various effects.

What is the difference between the United States and Spain?

On the same Wednesday, check out the website New York Times It allows up to three Covid-19 related news to be found at the top: the opening of the land border between the United States and Mexico and Canada, Mandatory nature of vaccines Public officials and a devastating report published in the UK last Tuesday in which the government was accused of Boris Johnson Negligence at the beginning Pandemic.

Below these three news items, occupying the entire width of the screen, you can see a series of updated graphics that contain the latest detailed information about the evolution of the virus in the United States: cases, deaths, hospitalizations, weekly changes, etc.

In Spain, this kind of media attention is surprising because we are already focusing on other things: usual political quarrels, daily social scandals or natural tragedies. This has a lot to do with the problem we have solved the continuing concern. era Or, to put it simply, we prefer to border them: First, our country’s land borders have never been closed, whether it’s with Portugal, France or Morocco.

limited According to the epidemic situation of various countries, entering different countries through different routes, there is still a need to be vaccinated… But there is no similarity with the practices imposed by the Trump administration and the Biden administration to protect themselves. In a popular wave.

Second, there will never be a long, neutral report on what happened in the early stages of a pandemic. If anything, by the twenty-four hours, he will lose all interest. There is no serious willingness to review what was done wrong or to review the pastEven the political parties did not show great determination to leave things behind, perhaps realizing that they all made mistakes at the time. It’s best not to review the posterior for mistakes, because they won’t leave them in the best place. A mix of partisanship and epidemic fatigue.restart Residence of Fernando Simon or Madrid It’s too tiring for our society now.

Regarding the mandatory nature of vaccines, Spain, a country that is willing to get involved in any ropes, has taught us a lesson: if there are few disputes, it is basically because there is no need to force anyone. The number of vaccination is very high, and of course there is reluctance, but not in the form of active resistance. Here, some people think that the vaccine is a scam, some people think that the vaccine is a panacea… But in fact, everyone on the one hand and on the other has been to the hospital just in case. Actually, Decision not to compel vaccinationMay contribute to the success of the event. This is not the case in all countries.

From denial to political violence

The effects of the various vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency are so great that no one can object to them from a logical and rational point of view. Of course, the other thing is irrationality, which has caused a lot of problems in many countries, excessive and acquiescence. What can the state do when the majority of the population refuses to be vaccinated and organizes to defend their so-called rights?

For example, in France and Italy, they have taken strict measures to require vaccination certificates to enter performances and close venues. In these two countries, it will soon be mandatory to show it in certain jobs.
All Spain’s attempts in this direction eventually clashed with the judiciary.

This avoids the social tensions that do exist in these countries and in certain areas of the United States that have similar bans. Demonstrations against compulsory vaccination continue, sometimes to obscure other intentions: for example, Last Saturday, the almost unknown party Forza NuovaRazed the headquarters of major Italian unions And it caused damage to certain neighborhoods in Rome… free Don’t get vaccinated.

About use free To prove anything in recent years, a book can be written, but it is a permeating message: if I don’t want the state to control me, if I don’t want to follow the crowd, if I think I’m a truth that others have overlooked, I’m the only one left. I was protesting in the street and fighting for my freedom to resist. From there, under these premises, the news is easily confused and eventually burns anything in order to find out the government’s pending accounts. In this sense, we have got rid of a good person.

Dark autumn in Russia and Romania

In other countries, this distrust of vaccines has responded with inaction at the expense of lives. Many lives. In places where the vaccination rate is very low, sometimes less than 30-35%, The virus continues to go unpunished, The case is as serious as ever, and the death toll has soared.

When countries such as Romania or Russia set death records every day, it is hard to say that the pandemic is over. We will focus on these two examples because of their conditions as European countries and the surprising nature of their current situation. If we transfer all of this to other developing countries with less access to vaccines, we will reach similar conclusions.

Russia is a strange case. First, because it has a very strong country, and because the country produces and sells vaccines against the coronavirus in large quantities, it’s famous Sputnik 5.

That is, in principle, neither Vladimir Putin He is a skeptic, just like he was then Donald Trump -Before they fell ill-, even the Russian people did not have a reputation for being too rebellious towards their leaders, mainly because this strategy usually ends in bad terms. However, some things did not work: the vaccine itself, without further development, its effectiveness was questioned not only by AEM, but also by WHO itself, who refused to approve the drug.

In fact, this forces many Russians to leave their country to get approved drugs and thus be able to enter other neighboring countries with fewer problems.

Now we are talking about the minority. Even if the country insists on vaccination and there are too many available doses, only 30.91% of the population in Russia is vaccinated. Obviously, this has consequences: In the past 14 days, nearly 13,000 Russians have died from the coronavirusIf we insist on its population, this number is not too shameful-equivalent to about 4,500 Spaniards, unfortunately, these numbers have been seen here a few times-but the fact is that Russia has not reached these until now. level. Therefore, talking about normalcy is complicated.

In any case, there is nothing compared to what happened in Romania. Since only 29% of the population is vaccinated, the death toll will only increase every week.

In the past 14 days, 3,374 Romanians died of Covid-19Adjusting the population, this will be equivalent to 8,435 Spaniards. Considering that the current weekly increase rate is still more than 50%, it is not ruled out that there were about 8,000 deaths throughout October, which is equivalent to my country’s 20,000 people. Pull down.

In short, the pandemic has ended in our actions, our concerns, a large part of our hospitals, and our communication media… But the virus did not magically disappear Now it is not as deadly as before. It acts as much as possible and is as full of anger as it always does. It is logical that we relax. Logical and humane. No one wants to think about a problem that seems to have been solved. Now, a large part of the earth is still fighting, and sometimes even losing the battle.

Every two weeks, 100,000 people in the world continue to die from this disease. Or to be more precise, 100,000 people are reported to have died, which is another matter. Under normal circumstances, the alert level, like almost everything, is done by community. Fortunately, we can relax ourselves. Let it last.


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