Why I don’t take photos with fans – Ghanaian actor, Akrobeto


Ghanaian actor Akrobeto has revealed that he no longer takes photos with his fans due to an incident that happened a long time ago.

While speaking with a renowned journalist, Dan Kwaku Yeboah, during an interview, Akrobeto revealed how a fan who took photos with him used the photos to trick and impregnate a woman.

According to Akrobeto, the scammer, who took photos with him, told the lady that he had ties to him (Akrobeto) and that he could help her further her acting career.

Akrobeto said the scammer showed the lady photos he had taken with him as proof of his tokens in the movie industry and promised to pull some strings to get her movie gigs.

The lady, who was the victim of the scammer, had met him on a bus on a not so fateful day and after opening up about her acting ambitions, this young man cheated on her and ended up getting the innocent lady pregnant.

Akrobeto said he found out about this when the lady’s mother confronted him about it.

The actor said that ever since the humiliating incident, he has been against taking photos with fans.




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