Why Europe is the epicenter of Covid again: stagnation of vaccination and relaxation of restrictions


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Low-tempo vaccination with Relaxation measures Prevention is the main cause of the surge in infections in Europe. Europe is once again at the center of the pandemic. According to World Health Organization (WHO).


In Germany, since the beginning of the pandemic, the highest daily record of new coronavirus infections was recorded for the second day in a row this Friday. There were 37,120 new infections in 24 hours, exceeding 3000 boxes More than a day ago. The cumulative incidence rate within 7 days soared to 169.9 new infections per 100,000 residents.

Experts believe that the situation is worrying and worry that if measures such as using masks, keeping distance, reducing contact and ventilation cannot significantly reduce infections, the number of serious cases and deaths will continue to increase.

Sanitation Committee, Jenspan, Reiterated this Friday that in order to prevent the fourth wave of the pandemic, it is necessary to provide soda vaccines to all those who request it.


In Russia, the government’s paid holiday from October 28 to November 7 promulgated by the government to prevent the spread of the pandemic ended, and the number of daily infections was higher than 40,000, No improvement was observed.

More than a thousand people die every day. According to the Worldometer database, Russia is currently the first country in the world to die from the coronavirus every day. Of the 144 million Russians, only 60,004,358 received at least one dose.


Dutch reintroduction Social distancing and mandatory use of masks Starting from this Saturday, in the closed space that the public enters, in addition to the hotel industry, cultural and musical activities, the scope of use of the covid pass will also be expanded to museums, gyms or swimming pools.

The Dutch government was one of the first Europeans to restore restrictions, after the number of infections soared within 4 weeks, with more than 10,000 positive cases per day.


There is one in France Increase in cases More than a month. Dozens of people die every day (49 people were reported this Thursday) and thousands of new positive cases (9,502 people yesterday).

74.4% of the population has completed the vaccination plan, and since September, the campaign has begun to boost vaccination for people over 65 years of age or with risk factors for the new coronavirus. So far, of the 6.8 million people who may receive booster doses, about 2.5 million people have received booster doses.


In Italy, the popularity curve continues to grow: 5,900 cases in the past 24 hours In comparison, there were 4,800 people a week ago, more than 5 million people have been infected since the pandemic began, and now more than 132,000 people have died.

With these figures, vaccination is still the best weapon of the health authorities, who insist on immunizing the population, because the “mostly infected people” are “unvaccinated” people.


In the UK, the number of people infected with COVID-19 every day is approximately 40,000.The death toll has increased 12.3% within 7 days.

Of the 67 million people in the UK, nearly 46 million have received the complete vaccination program, while 8.6 million have already received the third booster dose.

Central and Eastern Europe

The current infection rates in Central and Eastern European Community countries are higher than average and higher than those in countries such as Spain, Italy or France. In the European Union, the total population rate of fully vaccinated average is less than 65%.

The number of cases in Austria reached its highest point in a year, 481 cases per 100,000 inhabitants In the past 7 days.

The intensive care unit of a hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria.


The authorities are increasing restrictions and are obliged to vaccinate or have spread diseases to go to nightlife venues or activities with more than 500 people without designated locations. Only 62.9% Of Austrians have been vaccinated with a complete program.

Bulgaria has the lowest proportion of vaccinated people among EU countries, at 22%. Since October 21, Bulgaria has listed the absolute maximum number of daily infections as nine.

Several experts warned that the health systems of the poorest countries in the EU are on the verge of collapse and there is a lack of staff to care for patients with COVID-19. 90% not vaccinated.

Croatia has recorded nearly 7,000 new cases in the past 24 hours, New peak since the outbreak It was almost seven times more than a month ago. Five medical associations warned that the health system would collapse and asked the government to take stricter measures, such as having to get vaccinated, have passed an illness, or have recently tested negative before going to closed public places or work.

inside Czech Republic The daily infection rate soared to 600 cases in just one month, the highest level since early April. The number of deaths due to covid-19 has increased by 8 times last month. 57% of the population has a complete vaccination plan.

In Hungary, the average number of new cases per day in a week has increased by 7 times in a month, which is the highest level since April last year, and the death toll is now 5 times that of early October.Vaccination has stagnated and currently only 59% of the total population of 9.7 million She is completely immune.

On Tuesday, in view of the deterioration of the situation, the government announced the mandatory use of masks on public transportation.

In Romania, the death toll continues to exceed 400 almost every day, ten times the number in September.

Although curfews and other restrictions that only apply to unvaccinated have come into effect, doubling the vaccination rate, Romania still ranks second among EU countries with slightly more than one-third of the population vaccinated.


Greece has been recording new infection records for a week, and the new highest record appeared on Thursday when they were reported 6,808 cases a day, The worst data in the entire pandemic.

According to Vana Papaevangelu of an expert committee that advises the government, in a country where vaccination activities have been stagnant for several months, more than 80% of intubated patients have not been vaccinated or completed the vaccination schedule, which is about 60% of the population.


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