Why does Prince Andrew miss the Queen’s Jubilee


Queen Elizabeth celebrates her next year Platinum Jubilee. To commemorate the seven-year reign of the monarch, the longest reign in British history. As confirmed by official sources, this is a unique occasion and many activities have been planned.According to the newspaper, the four-day unparalleled celebration is expected to make this anniversary the largest in the history of the British monarchy. Daily mail.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Andrew in File Photo/Gtres

Although it is too early to know all the details about the Queen’s special appointment, the truth is that people are already talking about the absence of the celebration.This will be a Bittersweet For the monarch, because she was not accompanied by her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, for the first time in behaviors with these characteristics, he died in April last year at the age of 99.Similarly, it’s not known whether the celebration will eventually include The Duke of Sussex, Because they are not part of the “company”, but they are still members of the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Sussex / Gtres

However, the most suspicious thing is Duke of York. For many people, who is the darling of the monarch, the current situation is at least subtle. Some sources close to their families assured that Prince Andrew He will not participate in the Jubilee Act, while insisting that he will not resume his official functions within the royal structure under any circumstances.Despite the Queen’s wishes, this situation is likely to continue Prince Carlos Taking over as the head of state, first of all, because he plans to reduce the senior membership to a minimum.

Regarding the Jubilee, sources close to Windsor pointed out that the absence of the Duke of York is already a fact because he is asking Virginia Juffer Related to the Epstein case. All testimonies planned for the process will end around July 14 and it is expected that even the Duke of York will testify in this case because he is one of the parties involved. In fact, there are rumors that this process could have ended at the end of that month.

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew/Gtres in File Picture

Because of this, the prince probably hopes to avoid media exposure at all costs, and, as far as the royal family is concerned, it is not a good thing if the family appears in public with the Duke of York in public. This process continues.The celebration of the Jubilee is scheduled for early June, from 2 to 5, which also coincides with Enter the color.

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