Why do we insist on not treating the “new” Taliban as murderers


“Don’t run away, we are your friends.” These are the words repeated by aliens in the movie Mars is coming! When they invaded the earth, they sent destructive rays to everything passing in front of them. This is more or less a message conveyed by Sirajudin Haqqani in his widely published editorial. New York Times February 20, 2020. Doha talks, led by Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, They have been standing for 18 months, As it comes and goes. With the title “What We Taliban Want”, Haqqani explained to us that the future of Afghanistan will be negotiated by all parties, the integration of different factions, and peace. Listen and understand each other.

Haqqani is made by New York Times As the deputy leader of the Taliban, despite being a far cry from Baradar, the co-founder of the Taliban militia in 1993-94. He did not mention Sirajuddin as one of the heads of the “Haqqani Network” in that conversational and optimistic tone. One of the bloodiest militia groups in Afghanistan. Its bombs and large-scale attacks have killed thousands of Afghans: men, women and children. In fact, the moment Silajuddin wrote these lines to appease American public opinion, they were killed.

There is a story worth telling behind the “Haqqani Network”.All parts of his father, Jalaludin Haqqani, were the first jihadists, one of those who fought the Soviet Union for many years, and was funded by the CIA led by Ronald Reagan ,later Expand ties with local and international jihadist organizations Until he became a close friend of Osama bin Laden. The Haqqani call themselves the Taliban because it is a generic name, but they are “warlords” who support religious fanaticism and totalitarianism.

When Jalaluddin passed away in 2018, his children were already in a good position: Sirajuddin soon became the main supporter of Baradar, while his brother Anas-was imprisoned and sentenced to death, only 20 Released from a prisoner exchange two years later-has settled in Doha, protected in the group of Taliban leaders welcomed by the Emir.

When “security” means “terror”

Anas Haqqani who is under 30 years old is Responsible for negotiations with Hamid KarzaiHe was elected president of Afghanistan from 2004 to 2014. His brother Sirajuddin is the second person in the possible new government. To some extent, they represented the friendly face of the Taliban movement, the face closest to Qatar, and dazzled Mike Pompeo, the then Secretary of State of the Trump administration, who approved the “Doha Conference.” protocol’. Pompeo, the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, must get to know these people in depth, and he even met with them in November, a few days before Trump’s defeat in the election. On the other hand, nothing has changed since then.

The dirty work was left to his 58-year-old Uncle Khalil. Considered to be one of the most violent terrorists in the worldKhalil Haqqani has been wandering leisurely in Kabul for a week, which is a sign of what may happen in the future. Haqqani, the murderer with all the letters,’s speech is currently the mildest. He said that his top priority is “security”, which is a euphemism, which means that as soon as he feels the slightest hostility, he will immediately carry out terrorist activities on the streets.

Managing international public relations over the years has made these visible heads more cautious. They know usAfter being interviewed at the main mosque in Kabul, he was very worried about finding a photographer to shoot the mosque. New York Times And assured him that “the media is safe with us, there is nothing to be afraid of.”

Two Taliban stand guard in front of Kabul’s internal affairs department.


This is a few hours after they met At least two relatives of an Afghan collaborator were shot dead From a German newspaper Deutsche WelleWe know that massacres are happening all the time outside of Kabul, and all those who cooperate with international forces—not difficult to identify in post-war situations—are the victims of threats even if they are not in direct retaliation.maybe era, As then CNN, be careful. But it will not last long.

The danger of “Borrel Theory”

When Taliban troops entered Kabul, many people talked about negotiations. They, first. The militia spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid announced the pardon of anyone who cooperated with the occupying forces. No one in Afghanistan believes him, but outside, yes.if Joseph Borrell, The EU’s senior representative admitted failure and offered something similar to a dialogue, which was hard to listen to.No one denies them like this, maybe because of the big Western powers They are still working hard not to disturb the bumblebee’s nest too much in order to continue to drive people out of it.

Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, has a stronger attitude, but not too much: Won’t be recognized Until people accept human rights. On the other hand, we all know things that will never happen.Even NATO raised the same question proverb, The requirement is impossible, instead of declaring bellicose from the beginning. As we all know, both China and Russia seem to be eager to maintain relations with the Taliban. They understand that there may be a key element of interest in the Middle East that at least needs to be protected.

Now, we return as usual: Is it possible to “guard” or “control” a group of fanatical terrorists? At that time, Saudi Arabia did not achieve this goal, while Pakistan only achieved this goal to a large extent.When the country’s future is in jeopardy, that is, when the United States requires delivery Osama Bin Laden, The Taliban leader ignored all the more or less sincere demands of Pervez Musharraf (Pervez Musharraf), who himself is a close ally of the Americans. Is there really reason to think that the situation has changed so much in two decades?

Fear is the engine of trust

When you let the three Haqqanis handle a transition, you are not going to make that transition like this. There will be no negotiation or allocation There is no similarity. Indeed, within the Taliban movement, there is a phenomenon similar to division, not only theoretical but also practical: some people live in Doha at full speed, while others risk their lives in the desert. You can’t expect both to be the same. The former-Haqqani’s nephew, or even Baladal-may have learned that it is a good idea to get along with others if you want to be in power for longer. Another thing is seconds.

After two decades of war and the deaths of thousands of people along the way, it is very difficult for you to ask a victorious army to calm down. You didn’t become the Taliban by accident. Being a Taliban, being a “student of faith” includes applying the absolute literal meaning of “Islamic law”.One can Has reached many levels before becoming an Islamist In the Taliban. When you also spent years fighting to support your interpretation of Islam and watching your colleagues die for that struggle, what is the point of talking about negotiation and peaceful transition? No more, isn’t this a contradiction?

The Afghans handed their children to American soldiers for safekeeping on the plane.

The Afghans handed their children to American soldiers for safekeeping on the plane.


Sometimes, listening to certain Western leaders, we seem to be dealing with the most conservative factions among the radical parties.Like a bunch of things Orbans Be irritated. This is not to say. It can never be like that. The Taliban are ruthless killers. They choose to escape logic. They know the speech, this is something that did not happen in the nineties, but they are not interested in applying it, their own militia will throw it on their faces. Which regime puts security in the hands of Khalil Haqqani and then talks about restraint?

Even if the Doha leaders’ speeches are sincere and we have reasons to isolate them, they cannot control their soldiers. That is not the army. That is not a state. It is almost impossible to impose a government that transcends the forces of terror, city by city, town by town. There are no eagles and doves here. This is a terrorist, this is a person who learned from Al Qaeda when it led international terrorist activities. Why should we think that this is not the case and that we can understand each other with them? Why should we think they “changed”? Because we are afraid, period. Because we need to buy time. As the song says, let them believe that we believe them, so as to avoid a greater tragedy in the short term.


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