Why do feet stink? How to prevent it ?


Have you discovered that after you take off your shoes your feet smell bad? A smelling foot is a common problem but it has handy solutions. Trapped sweat is a major cause of smelly feet.

The sweat gland in the feet produces a lot of sweat every day. Bad order starts as soon as sweat is trapped in your socks or shoes. Bacteria can also cause smelly feet. How many bacteria’s can be found under your feet and those bacteria’s feed on the sweat that causes foot odor?

Also, fungi grow in moist and warm areas. Under the feet can promote fungi and cause foot odor. The factors responsible for stinky feet are:

  • Using the same socks and shoes every day
  • Poor hygiene

How To Prevent Feet From Smelling ?

Stinking feet can be easy to treat or stop. There are a few things that can be done to reduce smelling food or odor. Check a few out below:

  • Practice Good Hygiene

Good hygiene is not a difficult task to practice. If you notice you have sweaty and stinky feet, regular washing of the feet is only. Either you scrub them in a bathtub with warm water or wash them as you bathe. However, dry your feet properly after washing. Your toenails should be kept clean by trimming and filing off the dead skin on your feet. This helps to reduce bacteria that stays in your feet.

  • Keep Your Feet Dry

Always keep your feet dry to avoid bacteria’s that live in moist areas. This will help to prevent foot odor. Talcum powder can be applied to your feet to soak up sweat or you can use antiperspirant under your feet. Also, expose your feet to fresh air at home by removing socks and shoes. 

  • Properly Care For Your Footwear

Always air out your shoes. This is the best and easy practice you can do. Avoid wearing the same shoes every day. Washing the insole of your shoes helps the shoe smell nice. Use a good disinfectant spray on your shoes. This can kill bacteria that live inside your shoe.

  • Soak Foot In Vinegar

This is a good measure to prevent foot odor. Before you soak it with vinegar make sure you don’t have an injury on your feet. Soak feet for about 15-20 minutes at least once a week. 2 parts of water ratio 1 part of vinegar is the recipe.

  • Treat Athlete’s Foot 

Ensure you treat Athlete foot if you have. It can make your feet smell very offensive. You can use any antifungal cream on your feet to treat it. This should be done as soon as you notice it. Air off shoes and socks to kill the fungi. Everyone has sweaty feet but how you manage it can either lead to stinky feet or none.


You can consult your doctor or care provider if you suspect anything fishy. But ensure to practice good hygiene to get rid of foot odor. Finally, you wouldn’t want to wear an Air Force 1 White and Red with smell feet. Get help quickly!



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