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As we spend more and more time sitting, whether in the office, working in front of a computer, or playing a game console or PC at home, our backs are affected more and more often. Clearly, this phenomenon has increased with the rise of remote work, and now it involves more people. That’s why the ergonomic seat market is booming. Throughout this content, we’ll cover the main advantages as well as some tips for making the right choice.

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The main advantage of ergonomic chairs is that they adapt perfectly to our morphology, which is not the case with traditional office chairs, even though some have some adjustments to the backrest, armrests or seat height. Depending on the model, these mechanisms are not always located in the same places, but in general, all ergonomic chairs offer basically the same possibilities.the benefits of backtired and stretched legs the quality of your work to long courseis simply undeniable.

In order to properly adjust your seat, back and other parts of the chair, we recommend that you sit on the back of the latter and hold your back Make good contact with the backrest to feel as much of its surface as possible.

seat adjustment

It is important to adjust properly chair height, so that your legs are completely comfortable and relaxed to avoid muscle tension. In principle, it is recommended to put the chair in the highest position and then play the mechanism (generally on the right side, under the seat) until you feel in the ideal position and you will feel no problem (feet flat on the ground and your legs relaxed , forming an angle of about 90° with your thighs roughly parallel to the ground). If you lower the seat too far, you can repeat the operation, but this time, stop operating the relevant lever in a position that suits you.

Adjusting the depth of the seat is also important, in simple terms the ideal is to keep a space between the inside of the knee and the end of the seat, if the friction is too hard you will end up cutting blood circulation earn you Anteven pain or very noticeable discomfort (ideally, the hand should be able to slide into this gap). On some models, you can even adjust the recline of the seat, which is a no-brainer too!

Backrest adjustment

This is done in two distinct steps: adjusting its height, and then adjusting its inclination. To adjust its height, there is usually a wheel in the back, and by unscrewing it, you can slide the backrest up and down and position it where it should to better support your back. It has to follow and incorporate the curves of your back perfectly – simply put, the depressions in your back have to be filled by the “bumps” of the backrest.

As for reclining, use the appropriate mechanism to release the backrest and allow it to recline freely by bearing the weight of your upper body. When you feel you have found the ideal position, put the mechanism back into the locked position to lock the tilt.as by carnote that we sometimes like to adjust this tendency a little bit throughout the day, so if you’re feeling some form of tiredness, don’t hesitate to do it 2 to 3 times a day, or even more.

Adjust the armrest

Armrests, also called armrests, can be adjusted in width and height. Regarding width, make sure that the armrests are roughly flush with your shoulders, with roughly equal spacing. As for their height, adjust the armrests so that your arms form an approximately 90° angle when you lean on them.

in conclusion

As you know, buying an ergonomic chair will improve your comfort at work or when you are your officeHowever, you have to find the right setting for your body type. The benefits and benefits of ergonomic chairs are recognized and proven through research, as long as you adjust them correctly.

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