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(NEXSTAR) – Have we reached a tipping tipping point?

If you regularly pick up takeout from local restaurants, or you start your day with a latte from your preferred coffee shop, you’ve likely been prompted to leave a gratuity after swiping your card at the point-of-sale machine, usually via a digital tipping screen with default dollar amounts or percentages.

Some customers may also feel they’re being prompted to tip more often — and in more scenarios — than in previous years.

“There are no good studies, but most people’s experiences are … they’re encountering these things more and more frequently,” said Michael Lynn, a professor of marketing and management communication at Cornell University and the author of more than 70 studies on the subject of tipping and tipping culture.

As Lynn explained, it’s hard to know for sure whether more establishments are accepting or soliciting tips than, say, a decade ago, when tips were more frequently collected somewhat implicitly (via a tip jar, for example). But the sheer number of anecdotal evidence Lynn has gathered gives him a good idea of ​​how often consumers are being presented with the option to tip.

“I personally believe it’s more common,” Lynn told Nexstar, pointing to quick-service restaurants and coffee shops, specifically.


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