Whoopi Goldberg banned for two weeks for saying the Holocaust was not racist


The American television channel ABC suspended Whoopi Goldberg, an actress and host of its program “The View”, for two weeks for a comment in which denied that the Holocaust was racially motivated. In a statement, ABC News President Kim Godwin announced the suspension immediately and for two weeks for Goldberg’s “incorrect and offensive comments”.

On Monday, during a conversation with commentators on his program, the black Goldberg denied that the Holocaust had anything to do with the race of the Jews, believing that it was about the killing of white people by other whites. “Let’s be true to the truth. The Holocaust was not about race. The Holocaust represents the inhumanity of man, but it is not about race. The whites killed the whitesGoldberg said on the show.

On the same afternoon, the actress apologized on Twitter and pointed out that the Holocaust was indeed racially motivated, as the Nazis considered Jews to be a different and inferior race. The president of ABC News took note of Goldberg’s apology but said she asked him to take the time to “reflect and learn about the impact of his comments.”


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