Who will “feed” to whom, Macron or anti-vaccine?French political storm

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One sentence is enough to tighten already The heated debate in France Regarding the vaccination passport: President’s wish, Emmanuel Macron, According to the different meanings of the verb “emmerder”, “annoy” or “fuck” the unvaccinated person, The opposition believes Worthless An agent.

His words in the diary Parisian Clarified his intentions and let him Impossible life Those who are not yet immunized, some five million Across the country, you will be barred from entering the country with the approval of the passport Tavern, Restaurant And place leisure.

“I’m not here to irritate the French. When the government blocked them, I tortured them all day. Well, I really want to annoy them without being vaccinated. We will continue to do this until the end,” he said in the newspaper. Shang said that it conducted an interview on its website in the evening and published it on paper this Wednesday.

Macron has not yet announced himself as a candidate. Although he has made progress he believes, he admitted in December that some of his remarks during this tenure have hurt the French and said he has learned his lesson.

The word chosen this time was already spoken by the prime minister at the time in 1966. George Pompidou, Accuses the bureaucracy and asks it to stop “fucking” citizens.

Its current use does not seem to be improvised. Elysium did not correct it in reading before publication. It was seen as an attempt to change the mind of unvaccinated people and make those who vaccinated feel tired and tired of restrictions.

“We have always been very clear and will continue to do so. Who is living for whom? Those who oppose vaccines,” the government spokesperson reiterated after the ministerial meeting on Wednesday, Gabriel Atal.

Opposition criticism

The shock wave of the statement has taken root in the hearts of the people and initially caused Dawn to suspend the exam. part The country’s The bill on the vaccination passport will be restored this Wednesday.

This is the second night cancellation in two consecutive days. In a meeting marked by an exchange of shouts and boos, although it did not seem to question its application around January 15, it did reflect the third presidential election in April. Political disagreements after months…

For conservative admirers Valerie PecresWith good election possibilities, according to opinion polls, Macron showed a “complete lack of sympathy” for people who have not been vaccinated. He also insisted that anyone who threatens the freedom of others with his own freedom is an irresponsible person. , Therefore, he will cease to be a citizen.

“The President of the Republic cannot divide the French into good and bad. We must accept their status quo, guide them and unite them, not insult them,” a Republican representative said on the CNews channel. Wednesday.

The left has also taken over Jean-Luc Melanchon, He believed that his words triggered a crisis in the parliament and asked to appear in the prime minister’s room, let Caster, Or rightmost Ocean you penFor him, his “vulgarity” shows that “he never considered himself the president of everyone.”

Among his defenders, his former prime minister Edward Philip“Obviously, what he wanted to say has been understood,” he said on France 2 where he also supported the introduction of the passport.

France has infected more than 200,000 cases a day in recent days, and this Tuesday set a record of 271,686 cases. Since the start of the vaccination campaign, by December 2020, 78.6% of the total population has been vaccinated at least once, and 76.9% of the population has been vaccinated. Complete vaccine. pattern.

A government spokesman warned: “Our fight against the epidemic is far from over. With the arrival of Omi Technology, the epidemic has changed its nature and scale.” Among those they don’t want to be immune.


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