Who was the most hated defender Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers?

HeyP NFL they say that the defense wins championships, and sometimes this is true, although most MVPs are quarterbacks.

Usually protection relies on excellent systems, but there are also players who do well in these units and they are often the nightmare of NFL star quarterbacks.

Rogers of the Packers taunted Bears fans after receiving a “double bird”.AP

That is why two sports legends, Tampa Bay Buccaneers defender Tom Brady as well as Green Bay Packers pass the rusher Aaron Rogersrevealed the defensive minors that caused them the most displeasure on the grid.

Ed Reid and Charles Woodson were selected

Ed Reidlegendary defender for Baltimore Ravens the name that Brady made public and Rogers said that his former teammate Charles Woodson.

Season ended in February last year Los Angeles Rams“Coronation of the house against Cincinnati Bengals there was none of those two.

Tom Brady in the 2021 season was fired 22 times. It’s not the highest of his career, but he’s had four campaigns in a row with over 20 sacks. Meanwhile Rogers was fired 30 times.

Pressure is another key factor among linebackers that can cause a quarterback to make a mistake. Last season, Brady was intercepted 12 times, and Rodgers only four times.

fans reaction

After the names were revealed, some fans reacted on social media and talked about it.

One fan responded, “Has there ever been an era better than Ed Reed, Sean Taylor and Troy Polamalu?”

Another fan wrote: “I love how Belichick and Brady went on to praise Ed Redd when he was a real nightmare when they played against him. Two of the best mark another great player of all time.”


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