Who was Íñigo Onieva’s other lover before Tamara Falcó?


combination between Tamara Falco and Inigo Oneeva It has become part of the past.While everyone thought their romance would blossom after announcing their commitment, the infidelity shook the foundations of their love story to the point of point and end. At least for the time being there won’t be a relationship where the wedding bell will be heard again.

That’s it, although it seems The Marquise of Grignon And while the businessman has become part of the list of favorite couples on the national stage, it’s finally impossible.Everyone’s on a different path now and they’re starting to sound powerful Rumors of a new fantasy. Still, the truth is that before they met, Falco and Oneeva had already tried their luck in love.

Tamara Falco and Inigo Onieva

due to car designers and socialite After revealing their love story, the media’s investigation of the man who managed to conquer the heart of a golden single woman in our country did not stop. In addition to several videos where Oneeva may have been unfaithful to her ex-partner, it was also discovered that before Tamara, He fell in love with a famous Spanish actress To this day, he still maintains a deep friendship with him.

its about Lucia Warrior, a 29-year-old young woman with an extensive career in show business.After training at the prestigious New York Film Academy, he made his small screen debut in the series in 2010 Karabujan. Since then, Íñigo Onieva’s ex-girlfriend has appeared in such Dr. Matteo, Red Eagle anyone The Moon, The Mystery of Callenda, In the Antena3 series, she played the role of Leire Costa.Likewise, Lucía has starred in some of the highest-grossing films to date, such as Group 7 anyone Sorry if I called you “love”. The young woman has been part of the cast since 2017. forgive me lord cupid anyone mainland, Although his last job, and the best in recent years, was his main role in the Amazon Prime series, El Cid, There, he brought Jimena Díaz to life.The actress who was once Oneeva Fantasy explained in other interviews that her side in love is “Very warm and intense”apart from admitting that he will never forgive lies, like Tamara Falco.

This is the only hallucination known to merchants other than the Marquise of Grignon. However, Isabelle Pressler’s daughter has had several relationships, like this one, They eventually turned into frogs. The first exposed Alberto Conger, architects and law graduates. Despite rumors that he could have been Preysler’s favorite son-in-law, the truth is that their love story only lasted a year and the lawyer ended up marrying Laia Carvelló.

Tamara Falcó and Alberto Comenge on foot
Tamara Falcó and Alberto Comenge on foot

In the summer of 2005, the socialite was dropped from the Jets’ list of gold singles Bartholomew Ferro, he met him at a party in Pacha. What followed was their most stable and lasting relationship until Oneeva arrived.Tamara is in love Marco Noyer And, although they never talked about wedding plans, it was a highly anticipated event in society.

Tamara Falco and Marco Noyer
Tamara Falco and Marco Noyer

At the age of 30, the Marchioness of Grignon began to Tommaso Musini, a young Italian who eventually took over her heart. The relationship ended again after he had repeated rumors of infidelity.Finally, the socialite is in Ivan Miranda, he eventually parted amicably with him. In 2020, Íñigo Onieva came into his life, and only today has he decided to get rid of it.


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