Who is Ousha Al Suwaidi, the Arabic poet that Google celebrates?


Google Doodle on Monday featured an Arabic poet named Ousha bint Khalifa Al Suwaidi, also known as Ousha Al Suwaidi, considered one of the greatest Nabati poets of the 20th century.

Artist Reem Al Mazrouei is behind the illustration, Google claims.

November 28, 2011 marks the day your contributions were Recognized.

At a prestigious event, several well-known scribes recited the poetry of Ousha Al Suwaidi and the poems written in his honor.

The poetry community also established an annual award for Emirati women poets in the name of Ousha Al Suwaidi. She also dedicated in her honor a library at the Emirates International School and a section of the Museum for Women in Dubai.

On January 1, 1920, Ousha, nicknamed ‘Fatat Al Arab’ (The Girl from the Gulf), was born in Al Ain, an emirate of the United Arab Emirates. Born into a literature-loving family, Ousha grew up immersed in exquisite poetry.

At the age of 15, he gained national recognition for his powerful poetry recitals. Her success in a male-dominated genre opened a door for the next generation of poets.

The Persian Gulf and desert landscapes inspired many of his poems, which address themes such as love, wisdom, patriotism, and nostalgia.

The poems, written in Nabati, describe his personal experiences in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the country’s rich culture and past.


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