Who is Dolores Vasquez?


Dew Wanninkhof he lost his life 20 years ago and for the first time ever spoke Dolores Vasquezwho was accused and tried as his murderer and then turned out to be untrue. Now HBO has released Series call Pains The Truth About the Wanninkhof Case in which in six episodes he tells responder event version

While it may seem like it hasn’t seen anything from the series, just given the accomplishments and what these years have happened, the series is not about stalking and destroying Dolores Vasquez’s figure, but rather to put on the table what was said in this lawsuit. in this country, for the first time focusing on the accused in the first place. At what point did this test take place? V Vasquez’s trial happened in the year 2000 year, in Spain, where the woman was convicted without proofwith arguments that she was the kind of woman who would have done the same as the murderer Rocio Wanninkhof. This opened a media and public trial ban that was held against Dolores Vasquez.

It should be remembered that Dolores Vasquez was special friendas it was said at the time, Rocio’s mother, Alicia Hornos. The mother of a deceased young woman is another great hero of the series. Both women are portrayed as broken and drifting, one for the life he lost in prison, and for media decision and the other for the violent death of his daughter and, how could it be otherwise, marked with malice.

What really happened in the Wanninkhof case?

The Wanninkhof case is a case miscarriage of justice in Spain in the environment of social hysteria, created primarily by the media, which as a result led to flawed litigation judicial and police authorities. Dolores Vasquez was convicted the murder of Rocio Wanninkhof in October 1999… However, in 2003 r. murder Sonya Carabantes led to the discovery that DNA Sonya’s killer coincided with what appears in the evidence in the Vanninkhof case.

Dolores Vasquez’s trial was attended by popular jury and, at the same time, the prosecution focused on disqualify Dolores’ identity without providing convincing evidence to charge her. How was it done? He focused on the relationship that the accused had in the past with Rocio’s mother and the relationship that the accused had with the deceased young woman, for his part, the judge did not intervene to stop this violation.

V jury verdict It was essentially a summary / reiteration of the prosecutor’s findings, which is why Dolores Vasquez was found guilty of murder in September 2001. Hence September 25 of the same year, Vasquez was sentenced to 15 years in prison and to compensate the Rocio family with 18 million pesetas

The case unleashed media madness in Spain, this shocked the public and made the police quickly find answers. In press, Dolores was branded for her sexuality, character, and obvious indifference. to the point. She was described as a cold, calculating and intelligent killer. All this was visible aggravated by the reaction of Rocio’s mother, who became a frequent guest on television, blaming her ex-partner for her daughter’s death and destroying the public’s perception of Dolores. The aftermath changed Dolores’ life forever: she was imprisoned and spent 519 days in prison for a crime she never committed.

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