Who has scored the most touchdowns in NFL history?

This December saw some quarterbacks increase their stats most landings are thrown Nfl historicalYU.

On Christmas, Aaron Rogers headed Green bay packers to another win in the 2021 season over the Cleveland Browns 24-22, but it was also a special day for the veteran quarterback because he broke Brett Favrefranchise record as an all-time touchdown transfer leader.

With 443 landing passesone more than Favre, Rogers accomplished the feat that was recorded on 445as the quarterback threw two more touchdown passes.

Who has the most touchdown passes in NFL history?

However, Rogers is only the fifth most touchdown quarterback in NFL history.

Among a group of historic NFL players, the honor to lead this list belongs to Tom bradywho threw so far 618 landing passes, simply considering the games of the regular season.

Brady is followed by a retired quarterback. Drew Brees, who ended his 20-season career at the San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints at the end of the 2020 season.

Rounding out the top five are other legendary names. On the third place Peyton Manningfollowed by two Packer legends, Favre and Rogers.

Top 5 Midfielders with Most Touchdown Assists in NFL History

* Excluding playoffs

  1. Tom Brady – 618
  2. Drew Brees – 571
  3. Peyton Manning – 539
  4. Brett Favre – 508
  5. Aaron Rogers – 445

Brady also holds the record for defenders. At the beginning of December in Tampa bay piratesAfter beating Buffalo, he scored his 700th career medalist in both the regular season and the playoffs, making him the only player in NFL history to reach that milestone.

The seven-time Super Bowl winner even surpassed Brice for the most passes in NFL history, one of many brands owned by Brady.

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