‘Who are we afraid of?’: Meloni demonstrates his complete domination of the Italian right


After legislative elections in Italy this Sunday, the centre-right coalition eager to govern the EU’s third-largest economic power and the world’s ninth-biggest economic power, who has the upper hand Strong, deep, serious and powerful voice This is rightmost boss.

Last night, two heavyweights in Italian politics, the former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi (85 years old), from Fuerza Italia, former Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini (49), from the Northern Alliance, stepped in for cover as opening ceremony Georgia Melloni (45). The president of the Italian Brotherhood is the protagonist of the campaign.

Ally Group plus centrist Maurizio LupiLeader of the fourth station of our moderate coalitionShowing off seamless unity of centre-right bloc in Rome against the disunity they attribute to centre-left formations such as the Democratic Party Enrico Lettafive star Giuseppe Conte or third pole Enzo Renzi Yes Carlo Callenda (The first three, former prime ministers).

Italian conservative bloc leans towards the far right (or where the far right softens to the classic right) Embodying the pattern of the Espana, Civic and Vox repeating similar alliances Nothing complicated. If in Italy, it seems probable, that they win and govern under the pull of Meloni, it is natural and legal to repeat the same plan in Spain. The big difference is that on the Italian stage, the neo-fascist, extremist or radical leader, depending on how you define it, has demonstrated her complete dominance in the right-wing political arc.

Most “brothers”

Those who attended the group’s joint meeting have made it clear.Most waving flags are italian fraternityThis brother Georgia’s tricolor flame emblem is similar to that of the old neo-fascist group Italian Social Movement, while the emblems of the Italian Forces and the Northern League are rare.

But no one could have imagined a crowd of Mussolini fascists with arms raised (though some leaders of the Mellonian party were spotted saluting): the public was made up of people of all ages, and their appearances were traditional and peaceful , middle class, workers, professionals, retirees, students. Many can attend left-wing rallies without conflictIn fact, prior to the speech, music recorded by progressive-identified historical singer Eugenio Bennato was played. What remember towns are interchangeable and mutable.

The thought of mentioning towns in capital letters is because Elevate Meloni’s rallies with support from moderates in Berlusconi, Salvini and Lupi Held People’s Square in RomeA very important message, revealing the general lack of enthusiasm and enthusiasm in European and Italian politics today, is that the great meeting of the coalition led by Meloni is far from filling the square.

half square

In its 16,000-square-meter venue, 65,000 people work closely together, but less than half the number of participants, in a spacious, quiet, accident-free environment. To check whether the right is mobilizing more than the left before Sept. 25, it is necessary to see how many people are attending the Democratic meeting this Friday at the same venue.

In the country and other parts of Europe, many people saw Meloni and his brother As a threat to exacerbate the development of populism and extremism on the African continent, That here comes the coconut Hiding behind the face of the first woman to host an Italian party.

she Ironically, it sparked fear in Berlin, Paris, Brussels and the “market”he was “nervous” and said to his followers: “Who are we afraid of? Are we afraid of you?”, before closing his speech at the end: “Productive Italy is not afraid” of rights or the poles she stands for The right wing leads the coalition.

Fear, This Paula In Italian, let’s also capitalize, are the keywords of Meloni’s party and her bloc: the real or exaggerated fear she evokes among her critics with the real possibility of governing, and the fear he provokes among potential votersfearing clandestine immigration or occupying houses that leaders promised to end.

He reiterated this throughout his speech: Yes, he said, “fearing” his victory would be taken by those “just because they had a PD card” or “Extremist, fanatical, violent left that fears losing its consolidated power system”. And “drug dealer” or “rapist” “just be afraid”, because with her in power, there will be “a sense of security”.

more prisons

Meloni, who he believes is against”mainstream‘, veterans denounced “leftist lies” against her and declared there was no reason to fear her because His policy is ‘love not hate’.

Meloni’s plan includes predictable and surprising measures.He promises to be tough on criminals, for whoever he wants “Building a new prison”and to strengthen Italy’s borders against migrants, but he also agreed with Spain’s leftist government, without mentioning it, announcing that if he were in power, he would apply immediately Natural gas price decoupling Electricity bills, as Pedro Sanchez did. In addition, it intends to compete with the same role that Spain seeks by using the Italian peninsula as an important energy hub for bringing North African gas to Europe.

She concluded that Italy, which is not afraid of her, is “ready for the right” of an extremist ruling state headed by her, and then decides. selfie Use your phone from the stage Popolo behind. Sunday, from seven in the morning to eleven in the evening, the fearful will decide Men who mentored him for the next five years. Meloni is close.



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