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Kent serves as the first location for taking photographs of the Whitstable Pearl. Margate, Whitstable, Ramsgate Harbour, Dover and Hernhill are some of the different locations that have been used for filming.

Acorn TV is the company responsible for producing the crime drama series Whitstable Pearl. The British TV show was filmed in many beautiful locations and includes a cast of famous actors; We will talk more about them later.

The Buccaneer Media drama, which is based on Julie Wassmer’s Whitstable Pearl Mysteries, stars Kerry Godliman and Howard Charles, who are recognized respectively for their roles in After Life and Shadow and Bone. They examine and repair crimes within the quaint seaside town.

During the second season, celebrity chef Nolan will place more emphasis on her work as a private investigator. She will go from being a chef investigating crimes to becoming a personal investigator who also operates a restaurant. Pearl is now in a position to pursue her lifelong dream of working in a personal detective company at the restaurant she owns in her Whitstable home now that her son is an adult.

People in the neighborhood are drawn to her type angle and instantly come to her with a wide range of points. Pearl’s relationship with a demanding new police officer in town becomes strained after the untimely death of a friend of hers.

This webpage will cover Whitstable Pear forging as well as a wide range of different manufacturing related topics.

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Acorn’s Whitstable Pearl season 2 filming location and where was it filmed?

The first season of Whitstable Pearl filmed in most locations similar or very similar to the first season of the show. Almost the entire film was shot in and around Kent, England.

Whitstable serves as the first location for almost all of the show’s movement, as well as the setting of the story. The seaside town is a widely known location for film making and over the years the BBC has filmed movies and TV shows such as ‘Tipping the Velvet’ and ‘Venus’.

The movie “Whitstable Pearl” was filmed at many popular locations including the Old Neptune Public House, the updated Chappell Art Gallery, Whitstable Harbour, Beacon Home and Seaview Vacation Park. One of the many locations that have served as filming locations for the thriller series is Margate, which is located on the south east coast of England. It is well known for its roller coasters, nightlife, delicious delicacies and micro-pubs, in addition to its coastlines, which are of world-class high quality.

During the first season, the producers were required to comply with coronavirus safety requirements and because of this they decided to film somewhere other than Whitstable. Over the course of filming the restaurant sequences, they created a set large enough to allow them to keep social distancing conventions intact.

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Whitstable Season 2 Pearl Forged

A trailer for the upcoming second season of Whitstable Pearl has been released, and it has been announced that Kerry Godliman will reprise his role as Pearl Nolan on the show.

Over the course of season two, renowned chef Nolan will shift her focus to her detective profession, transitioning from being a chef who also solves crimes to a full-time detective who also owns a restaurant. Previously, she had been a chef as well as a restaurant owner.

Manufacturing on the second six-part collection began in February in Whitstable, UK, and the present airs on Acorn in Australia, North America, New Zealand and the UK.

It is with great pleasure that Acorn Media Enterprises is bringing another of Julie Wassmer’s riveting mysteries set along the coast to the small screen.

They’re delighted that Kerry Godliman may be playing the main half once again, as she’ll inform us through additional nuances of this much-loved character, as well as new aspects of Whitstable’s enchanting setting.

Whitstable is a seaside town on the north Kent coast.

Whitstable is a seaside town on the north Kent coast

How many episodes are in Whitstable Pearl 2?

According to the website premieredate.information, the upcoming season of Whitstable Pearl will include a total of six episodes.

It has been revealed what would happen within the pilot episode and the second episode of the second season. The premiere of two new episodes of the collection will take place on November 28.

In the first episode, an ex-soldier is investigated for possible kidnapping of a baby while on vacation in France with his son and the boy’s mother. The boy lives in France. Pearl and Mike decide to work together to find the missing teen.

And in the second section, Mike has broken his ankle and is recuperating at home when he is disturbed by a person next door to the house who is suffering from violent night terrors. Mike is surprised that the man appears erratically throughout his episodes.

Mike begins to fear that the night terrors he is experiencing may actually be a canopy for his need to kill his spouse.

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Whitstable Pearl Bio

A series of crime novels written by Julie Wassmer served as the inspiration for the 2021 British television drama series Whitstable Pearl, which was produced by Acorn TV and broadcast in the United Kingdom.

  • crime drama
  • suspense fiction
based mainly on The Pearl of Whitstable Thriller and disappearance in oare
by Julie Wasser
Developed by Oystein Karlsen
Protagonist Kerry Godliman
Howard Charles
Composer carly paradise
nation of origin United Kingdom
authentic language English
Nope. of collection 1
Nope. of episodes 6 (list of episodes)
government producers
  • Oystein Karlsen
  • julie wassmer

(For Acorn Media Enterprises):

  • catherine mackin
  • bea tammer

(For Medium Buccaneer):

  • Ana burns
  • nadia jaynes
  • Richard Tulk Hart
  • tony wood
Working time 46–49 minutes
manufacturing corporations buccaneer media
acorn media companies
authentic community acorn tv
authentic release May 24, 2021 –


Pearl Nolan is a personal investigator and the only real parent of an adult child. She and her mother own the Whitstable Pearl restaurant, which specializes in seafood, in the coastal town of Whitstable. Pearl finds herself in a troubled situation when a friend passes away under mysterious circumstances, and she finds herself at odds with the beefy new investigator in town, Mike McGuire.

Forged and characters


Pearl Nolan, played by Kerry Godliman, is a single mother who operates the Whitstable Pearl.

In his role as DCI, Howard Charles Mike McGuire, a dark London police detective, moves to the happier city of Whitstable.

Dolly Nolan, Pearl’s widowed mother and co-director of Whitstable Pearl, is played by Frances Barber within the play.

The trailer for the second season of Whitstable is now available

The trailer for the second season of Whitstable is now available

Memorial Day Scripted TV Pick: ‘Whitstable Pearl’ on Acorn TV A Charming Novel by the Sea

On Acorn TV, there is an incredible new collection that is now available to stream for these viewers who are enthralled with whodunit murder mysteries set on the English seaside. The Whitstable Pearl TV show was voted Best Scripted Show of the Week by TV Reveals Ace.

It’s nice, and it doesn’t have an excessive amount of gore and fear. Be sure to keep an eye on it and give yourself plenty of time to watch over the upcoming long holiday weekend, as it offers the perfect mix of a standard British murder thriller and quaint English village appeal.

Kerry Godliman is the main character of the series. Godliman fans will remember her work in the heartwarming comedy-drama After Life, which was written and directed by Ricky Gervais.

On Monday May 24, the first episode of the new British detective drama Whitstable Pearl debuted on Acorn TV. Episodes of the series air once a week, and the highlights and synopsis for each episode are provided below.

Godliman plays the role of Pearl Nolan, a local celebrity chef who also happens to be a rookie personal investigator. The present is based on two well-known books written by Julie Wassmer: The Whitstable Pearl Thriller and Disappearance at Oare. She is conducting an investigation into what she believes to be a homicide after finding the body of a family member who had been missing for a while.

ystein Karlsen, a Norwegian filmmaker, is responsible for the creation of the television series Whitstable Pearl (the magnificent Netflix exclusive Lilyhammer).

What is Whitstable Pearl about?

When local celebrity Pearl Nolan, principal owner of the Whitstable Pearl restaurant, and his new detective company find the body of Vinnie, a close friend, he immediately takes charge of the investigation into what he believes to be a homicide. Pearl Nolan is also the principal owner of the Whitstable Pearl restaurant.

What was up with all the grit in his oyster? The handsome DCI Mike McGuire, played by Howard Charles, has just arrived on the scene; This new Kent Police Commander was transferred from the bustling city of London in an effort to rewrite his future and leave his past behind.

Pearl and Mike initially quarrel with each other, but after Mike watches what Pearl is doing, he comes to the conclusion that Vinnie was killed as well. That is the beginning of a bond. Pearl’s work as an investigator attracts some attention due to the fact that the locals are drawn to her compassionate nature and look to her for help solving easy mysteries.

However, Pearl finds herself inadvertently competing with DCI Mike McGuire (Charles), after which some collaborative chemistry enters the picture. Pearl and DCI Mike McGuire (Charles) have a history of working together.

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