While Americans Can’t Afford Heat, Biden Pays Billions of Muslim Countries to Dump Coal


As part of the talks led by John Kerry, donors are exploring how solar power could replace coal plants.

While Americans can’t afford gas or heat their homes, Biden boasts of a deal to subsidize solar panels in Indonesia.

Americans have too much money. And too everything. Let’s give it all away

The United States, Indonesia and other allies signed a $20 billion deal Tuesday at the Group of 20 (G-20) summit that will help Indonesia reduce its dependence on coal.

The goal of the deal, called the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP), is to help Indonesia cut emissions and switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

This is not a deal.

This is welfare and a piece of convincing a Muslim regime that has massacred Christians and continues to oppress them to switch their power from reliable coal to worthless wind and solar power.

And they’re taking us for every billion they can get.

The G7 and its partners have made multibillion-dollar offers to wean Vietnam, Indonesia and India off coal, but have yet to convince emerging economies to ditch the dirtier fossil fuel.

The three deals have been in negotiation for much of 2022 and build on an earlier $8.5 billion deal to shut down South Africa’s coal industry, dubbed the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP).

At least two new partnerships are expected to be unveiled during the UN’s COP27 climate talks, which begin on November 6 in Egypt. Talks with Vietnam and Indonesia have progressed to the point where initial cash offers of around $5 billion and $10 billion, respectively…

If you think that’s bad, the Green New Dealers want India and eventually China on board. And at that point we’re talking completely nightmarish numbers that would bankrupt everyone.

US President Biden stressed the importance of this partnership, saying: “Indonesia has shown great leadership and ambition throughout the development of this partnership. The resulting new and accelerated targets demonstrate how countries can slash emissions and increase renewable energy while advancing the commitment to create quality jobs and protect livelihoods and communities.”

While destroying American jobs, livelihoods and communities.


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