Which countries/regions need a Covid passport to travel on the December bridge or enter the museum


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the purpose is to Contains Covid infection And allow the opening of economic activities, especially during the Christmas period, some European countries require New Crown Passport access Restaurants, bars and even museums. Also America, Each state has its own rules.

face December BridgeBecause of the Constitutional Feast on December 6 and La Inmaculada on December 8, it is necessary to understand which countries require a complete vaccination schedule to enter certain venues or carry out certain activities.

It must be clear that the EU Covid certificate not only proves that it has been vaccinated, but also proves that it has recovered from Covid (valid for six months) and has 48 hours before the collection of the sample or in the case of a PCR test, the result of an antigen test performed within 72 hours is negative.


Portugal is One of the most restrictive countries. Starting from Wednesday, December 1st, although the European Union has the highest vaccination rate, all measures will be strengthened Masks will be mandatory In all enclosed spaces.

To enter bars, restaurants, and all types of tourist accommodation, you must have a Covid passport. Events with numbered tickets and gym. Participating in large-scale events or stadiums, discos and bars, in addition to the e-certificate for vaccination, Negative test.

If you are traveling to Portugal, from December 1st, you will need to present a copy of Negative test, even if vaccination certificate is available, Even if you travel by plane, car or bus, it will be controlled at the land border.


Italy Close to unvaccinated From December 6th to January 15th, a Covid passport is required for almost all activities.Enter Bars, restaurants, museums, theaters, cinemas And any necessary events in this document. In addition, even enter the swimming pool or gym.

for Hotels and public transportation A Covid passport is not required, but a negative antigen test that is valid within 48 hours is required.


Covid certificate is required to access Restaurant and bar, Even sitting on the outdoor patio.Without this file, you will not be able to enter Theaters, cinemas, shopping mall, Mass transportation, Hospitals and residences.


Anyone over the age of 12 who enters Germany from Spain must present a negative test, a complete vaccination certificate or a certificate of rehabilitation.

Each Lander It has its own restrictions, but generally speaking, Covid passports or restoration certificates are valid Hotels and enclosed leisure or cultural venues.

On local and long-distance public transportation, vaccinations, illnesses, or negative tests must be performed.


this Traveler Those over the age of 12 who arrive in the Netherlands by plane, boat, rail or bus from Spain must present a Covid certificate (test, vaccination, or disease pass) to enter.

You must have a Covid passport to participate in entertainment and events.


Area BrusselsIn Belgium, people over 16 need a Covid certificate to enter bars, restaurants or nightclubs, as well as hospitals and nursing homes.


As of November 30, travelers who have completed the vaccination program must self-isolate and obtain PCR before the end of the second day News of his arrival in the UK. If their PCR results are negative, they may give up quarantine. Does not accept antigen testing.

Yes You are not vaccinated, Have less than 72 hours of negative PCR and Isolate for 10 days.


This is another country you can travel to since November 8th last year, when Joe Biden decided to open the border to tourists after closing it for 20 months.

Go travel, In addition to the vaccination certificate, 72 hours of PCR are required Before boarding.

Once in the territory of the United States, each state has its own restrictions.For example in New York You must have Enter the complete vaccination schedule for any restaurant.


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