‘Where’s Jackie?’: Joe Biden seeks out congresswoman who died in August accident


America president, Joe Bidenthose who attended the meeting on Wednesday were surprised house white When asking viewers if they include hunger Jackie Valowskithe Republican congresswoman who died in August.

“Jackie, are you there? where is jackie I’ll be here,” the 79-year-old Democratic leader said.

Republican Congressman from Indiana, died in a car accident and pushed a bipartisan bill to advance Wednesday’s meeting, which has pledged about $8 billion worth of money to end hunger state joined 2030.

Digital NPR recalled Wednesday that the president and first lady Jill Biden issued a statement in August expressing condolences, praising the partnership forged with Varowski and emphasizing her “unique” representation.

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White House spokeswoman, Carine Jean-Pierre, Trying to divert attention from the presidential ruling. “Today’s event is important. One about food security and how we’re going to take steps to end hunger by 2030, which is something the president takes very seriously. I miss her so much. In two days (Biden) will see her family pay tribute to Kudos to her and the work she does,” she said when asked by the media.

This month, in an interview with the show 60 minutesBiden was asked what he thought of those who doubted his age was no longer suitable for the job.

“Look at me,” the president responded, saying he respects those who say he’s older, but insists he’s fine, that he doesn’t feel old, and that he has no physical or mental problems preventing him from serving as president.



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