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Where is the legal prostitution in the world has the question in the mind of some people however, I like you to know that in many places, prostitution is illegal and punishable. It is considered a detestable practice. However, some countries allow prostitution, and provide sex workers with health and social benefits. Read on as we explore countries where this practice is allowed.

Where is prostitution legal in the world and why?

Prostitution is one of the oldest types of work in the world, although it is considered an ignoble one. However, prostitution will continue, despite the prohibitions and laws that may be against it. Here are some of the countries where prostitution is legal.

1. Germany

There are an estimated number of 400,000 prostitutes working in Germany. Prostitution brings in around six billion Euros every year with a clientele of around 1.2 million.
As expected, the government keeps part of this income in order to contribute to social benefits.

Sex workers in Germany have pension services, health insurance, a regular 40-hour work week, and the option to join sex workers’ unions. However, any city can prohibit prostitution regardless of the general law.

2. Canada

The only things illegal about prostitution in Canada are pimping and owning a brothel. Canada has no law against exchanging sex for money. According to the law, it is legal to be a sex worker, but illegal to buy sexual services and publicly market your goods as a prostitute.

3. New Zealand

Prostitution has been legal in New Zealand since 2003. In fact, there are licensed brothels that operate under public health and employment laws. This means that sex workers get social benefits like other employees.

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4. Denmark

In Denmark, prostitution was licensed in 1999, partly because the authorities wanted to keep an eye on the industry.
Apparently, they believe it would be easier to monitor a legal trade than an illegal one.
Other activities such as coercion, procurement, trafficking, and solicitation of minors, however, are illegal.

5. Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a serious minor trafficking problem, which is based on corruption. Pimping and owning a brothel are also legal. However, male prostitution is illegal.

6. Austria

In Austria, prostitutes are required to register, undergo periodic health examinations. When they are 19 or older, they start paying taxes.

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7. Finland

Although prostitution is legal in Finland, selling and buying sex in public is illegal, as is buying or pimping a trafficked victim. This means that street work is prohibited but customers are accessible via the Internet and personal ads.

In addition to the reduction of street workers, the number of foreign sex workers operating in Finland has increased through advertisements and massage parlors.

9. Colombia

It is legal to work in the sex industry in Colombia, although pimping is not.

Prostitution is especially widespread in cities such as Cartagena and Barranquilla.

8. Greece

In Greece, anyone over 21, registered and with a medical card that is updated every two weeks can do almost anything that doesn’t involve sex trafficking.
Owning brothels and pimping are legal.

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10. Costa Rica

Prostitution is a common profession in Costa Rica. The problems are with the activities around prostitution. Pimping and prostitution rings are illegal. There is also a serious problem of child prostitution and human trafficking in Costa Rica.

It has become a place for women and children who are being trafficked for the purposes of sexual exploitation.

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