Where do they place the cheapest Zara clothes in their stores?


at the time of going to buy clothes at Zara, we need to know that Inditex flagships have their own techniques not only to sell more, but also to sell the items that interest you most. At all facilities we can find garments and Accessories new collection and sales. Well, the location of these sections is not left to chance. Everything is perfectly thought out and calculated.

The Zara new collection of clothes, the most expensive and without any discounts, is always available at the front of the store. Therefore, it is the first thing we see as soon as we enter. In addition, most things are hung on hangers because it is much more attractive that way.

if we want buy on sale and save money we have to go to the back of the store. Here are the cheapest clothes, and almost always placed on tables: pants, sweaters, t-shirts …

With this information in our hands, every time we go to one zara shopwe will already know where we need to go according to what we are interested in buying.

Silvia Puertas, model and Zara shop assistant, shared some practical tips for buying clothes with the magazine “Clara”. Stores accept clothes on Mondays and Wednesdays, so it’s best to go nowadays because that’s when there are more sizes. If we prefer online shopping, the brand launches new clothes and accessories for sale every Friday morning.

As good Zara lovers, they are very useful tricks to know which are the best days to find the clothes we want and to know where we need to go inside the store.

Zara’s best sales

for one nice evening look, Zara has reduced this dress by 70%, so now it is worth 9.99 euros instead of 35.95 euros. With a V-neckline and long sleeves, it has metallic buckle details with jewel applications. You can combine it with sandals or heels in black for a total black look.

Looking forward to spring and summer, this mini dress with animal print It is fantastic. With an asymmetrical neckline and thin straps, it has a side crease at the waist and a hidden zipper at the back of the waist. For a daily look, with flat sandals it looks good. Now it is worth 7.99 euros instead of 29.95 euros thanks to a 70% discount.

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