When You Can’t Stand at Your Fall Wedding, Zara’s Ballet Shoes


Dancers have been the mainstay for decades shoe In the Spanish woman’s wardrobe. Indispensable for the mid-season, they adapt perfectly to the latest urban fashions.we like ballerina Zara you must have

These flats are a testament to that dancer Zara branded animal print fabric. One of the great national clothing and accessories companies with top trends like dancers in 2022.

You must have the Zara Ballerina of the moment

In the current catalogue of a subsidiary of the Inditex Group we find this very interesting proposal, with some details that distinguish it from other similar products, such as a glitter decoration on the front or a pointed finish.

A pair of colorful and comfortable shoes

But beyond their visual appeal, these flats are also designed for comfort.That’s why they include AIRFIT system, consisting of a technical insole Soft foam made of latex, specially developed for maximum comfort, avoiding fatigue and discomfort at the end of the day.

Its sole is 1cm high, perfect for daily commutes around the city. Since you’ve left home early in the morning, whenever you need to travel long distances, you’ll love this lightweight platform that reduces the impact of your feet on the ground.

To make this possible, it is absolutely important to choose the sizes you use frequently without worrying about running out of units, as they are Sizes vary from 35 to 42.

Two colors and premium materials

You can buy these ballerinas in classic black and trendy khaki green shades. You can choose the elegance of the first, as the second tries to follow the liking of the season.

Anyway, the shoes are part of the initiative «Join life, take care of fiber and planet» of the company. Ballerina contains at least 25% recycled polyester and at least 30% recycled synthetic rubber.

Finally, the price of this charming and comfortable flat shoe in two colors that never fails is close to 50 euros. specific, We are talking about 49.95 euros They’re not bad at all, considering they’ll resist for a few years, and they’ll be able to get you out of trouble on those days full of activities on your agenda.


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