When will Steph Curry break Ray Allen’s 3-point shooting record?


Bbefore the start of the game on Wednesday night against Portland Trail Blazers, Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry had 15 three-point shots to a record in this category still held by the Hall of Fame Ray Allen

Crazier Things Happened

Stephen Curry

Mark Allen 2,973 long-range success in his glorious career, and when “Chef” was asked if he could break the record against Portland, the answer was great.

“What is this, 15?” Curry said before the Blazers game. “It’s funny because I know what it means that Clay [Thompson] record and all that too. So let’s see. … If you’ve seen me play, especially lately, I’m not shy about throwing the ball, so the game will determine how it looks. I don’t think this is the true goal of my game, but even more crazy things happen. ”

The rivalry between the Splash Brothers?

Curry was referring to the fact that if he makes 15 three-pointers in the game, which looks a little more than incredible, he will not only level with Allen, but also surpass the 14 three-pointers mark made by a teammate. Clay Thompson October 29, 2018 against Chicago bulls

Thompson is currently in the process of making his way back to the backcourt, but the time he broke Curry’s mark was 13 against the team on November 9, 2016. New Orleans Pelicans

With that many three-pointers to break through the game has yet to be achieved, taking Curry’s average this season of just over five three-pointers per game from Steph, the likelihood indicates a lower score. three or four games

A magical day at Madison Square Garden?

According to this trend, Allen’s mark is more likely to fall either on the next Monday when the Warriors visit Indiana Pacers or Tuesday when they play in the mythical Madison park against New York Knicks

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