When the convention turns into a boxing ring


“IHere’s part of the drama, it’s a game. “This is undoubtedly the formula Francois Baroanface own performancewhich best describes what happens whenNational Assembly. November 2012, on setwe are not in bed, the former economy minister returned to the “meeting incident” he sparked at the half-wheeler centre a year ago.Came to power by accusing the left of ‘by breaking in’ 1997it led to the departure of representatives of the Socialist Party, appalled by this denial of democracy.

The mayor of Troyes must have wanted to avenge his mentor, Jacques Chiracthat provoked these legislations by dissolving the National Assembly. The President of the Republic then considers gaining a new majority to freely dispose of his Prime Minister, Alain Jupe. A very political bet that failed, prompting socialists to turn to Matignon, by Lionel Jospin, longest cohabitation known to the fifth republic. Revanchard, François Baroin first offers a tragic scene that remains in the anthology of political confrontation.

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Long before him, in 2004, Nicolas Sarkozy also angered socialist representatives. One of the economy ministers, Philippe Martin, met several times with members of the Bush cabinet during his recent trip to the United States. While his Elysian ambitions were already well known – and the main interested party did not really hide them – the elected representative of the Gers had lent a “frenzy of notoriety” to the tenant of Bercy, to reproach him for his American hyperactivity. “You Will not be disappointed by the response,” Sarkozy retorted sarcastically.

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Accused of undermining the voice of the president of the republic amid tensions between France and the United States over French opposition to U.S. intervention in Iraq, Sarkozy deftly shifted the subject. By choosing to return to a very specific episode of his travels – where he was received by the American Jewish Association – the former interior secretary (as he will again be) can easily deal with his socialist predecessor Daniel Wieland. “Five years after Mr Jospin took office, we managed to convince America that France was an anti-Semitic state. It is doubtful that the wave of anti-Semitic attacks in early 2002 had spread across the Atlantic.

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In 1998, it was just Christine Butan Leaving the half-wheeler, but the noise has not diminished in the slightest. No doubt she didn’t see the tackle Lionel Jospin prepared for her. When asked by Renaud Muselier about his methods, the prime minister answered him and then attacked the UDF deputy. Lionel Jospin specifically criticized the right for leaving Christine Boutin, Most ardent opponent of PACSrepresenting his group.

He described her as “marginalized” on the issues and “outrageous” in her remarks. Christina Butane went down the hill to confront the prime minister, but was stopped by the bailiffs, who kept her away from Lionel Jospin. Then she left the semi-wheeler by her side. In the corridors of the Palais Bourbon, she struggled to get angry, calling for a mass demonstration against PACS by the French to prove she was not “marginal”.

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