When Paige’s Women’s Institute recommended Carmen Mola, believing she was a woman


Porta de La nena, one of Carmen Mola’s books | Alfaguara

No one until last night knew who was hiding behind Carmen Mola… It was one of the best kept secrets of the Spanish literary world until Premio Planeta revealed on Friday night the real identity of the one who hides behind the alias… The surprise was great because behind the name was not a woman, but three men… These are screenwriters Agustin Martinez, Antonio Mercero and Jorge Diaz, who have received the largest prize in modern literature.

The fact that the three men are actually the admired and successful Carmen Mola sparked a lot of controversy on social media, but it also meant finding controversy, such as what’s starring him. Women’s Institute of Castile-La Mancha… Everything goes back to July 2020, when this body, which depends on the regional ministry for equality, headed by the socialist Blanca Fernandez, also the executive representative of Emiliano García Page. recommended reading Maul

At the time, knowing that Carmen Mola was a pseudonym because she never appeared in public despite her success in the literary world, the Women’s Institute of Castile-La Mancha did not hesitate to recommend one of her books as a summer reading. “Enjoy reading from a gender perspective”… Specially recommended book Baby published two months earlier, in May 2020.

Along with Mola, forty-nine other recommendations that the Government of Castile-La Mancha have substantiated as follows: “All of these resources contribute to enhancing people’s capacity for reflection and critical thinking, contributing to the understanding of reality and the experiences of women at different times and to raise awareness and awareness of the population about their rights and freedoms“.

Free mall for women’s associations

Such is the fondness of the Institute of Women of Castile-La Mancha for the Maul figure, which also includes his books in readings package, which can now be ordered from libraries, reading houses or women’s associations in the region. Under the heading “Shelf of Feminist Readings” Any association of this type, including institutes of secondary education, can ask Garcia Page’s government to lend her a set of books for two months, including two Maul titles.

In this case, it’s a book Gypsy bride (2018) and Purple net (2019), which are part of the trilogy that ends the book Baby This is exactly the title that the same institute recommended in 2020 as a summer feminist reading.

In fact, Mola is the only “author” to have two titles in this set of fifteen books. offered by the Women’s Institute, among which there are others such as Feminism for BeginnersNuria Varela or Mom i want to be a feminist Carmen J. De La Cueva, when we have information.

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