When Miguel Ángel Silvestre asked, Blanca Suárez and her curious reaction: “Excuse me!?”


In the daily life of unknown celebrities who are busy welcoming autumn, normalcy is gradually established. This Tuesday, Angel Schlesser showed off his new perfume, Magical girl, In an event Blanca Suarez as hostThe actress wore a charming purple sequined dress and a backless neckline, ensuring that the perfume smelled like a “special night”. I usually change the perfume, the intensity, especially the different perfumes throughout the year. Sometimes you have a special night You change the perfume for those nights. Well, that kind of night,” said the Madridian.

Blanca Suárez chose a beautiful purple sequined dress / Gtres

Of course, when it comes to a special night, it’s impossible not to Ask him about his predecessor, Miguel Ángel SilvestreJust a few days ago, she went to Madrid to attend an event and was full of praise for her.If the Valencian claimed Left a mark on him, Blanca reacted very differently when hearing the protagonist’s name Drug lord. «sorry! ? We spent an incredible night, I don’t think it’s time to talk about this kind of thing, but I am very grateful for your interest», he said, after a few seconds of surprise, he couldn’t help but laugh .

Similarly, Blanca Suárez does not want to talk about her partner outside of professionals Jaguar Oscar Casas, About who has been flattered:«He is such a good actor We should talk Jaguar Not his personal life. I want to emphasize this first,” he commented.

Great year

Although the past few months have been difficult, Blanca Suárez has only recent good words. “I’m fine. I want to come here after this year or so, to see people again, and to start life again​​ Pseudo Normal, did not miss this job… to be honest I don’t think i can complain, i’m happy. I am very good in all aspects. I am always fine. I can’t complain, I’m very happy».

Now he is waiting for his latest work series Jaguar, Barely aired on the platform for a week Netflix«This year I have the opportunity to shoot many projects. One film was completed two weeks ago, and the other film is waiting to be released.Everything is in post-production, wait to see how the reception is Jaguar But the rest have no release date.

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