When even a custom-made humanoid robot doesn’t make a woman happy


human rarely is he completely happy. There is always care, aspiration, aspiration that interfere with this. This is what makes a man a man. A robot, even if designed to mimic emotions, will be full as long as its algorithm tells it to.

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Artificial intelligence is getting more and more advanced, and we’re used to news of how labs have developed a humanoid robot that interacts or can perform tasks that require coordination, like climbing stairs.

Cinema has often addressed the topic humanoid robots and wondered many times whether they could develop feelings or should have rights. Prime Video premiere this weekend of a German film called perfect man. In this case, the robot was made at the request of a person, that is, a partner was made to order. He likes what you like, he does not argue and thinks only about satisfying all your needs.


Without a doubt, it should be synonymous with happiness for a person. But then you realize that perfection is boring. Alma (Maren Eggert) is a scientist at the popular Pergamon Museum in Berlin, and in exchange for funding her research, she reluctantly agrees to participate in research unusual: within three weeks you must make a life with a humanoid robot, Tom (Dan Stevens) according to your characterwhose artificial intelligence is designed to become her ideal companion.

But Alma, don’t tell me that the name is not well chosen, she understands that Tom was created only to complement her and she must be surprised, “you can’t do something weird once, everything can’t be perfect.” In this case, the robot has only one answer “you don’t know what you want”, and therefore it cannot satisfy it. But who always knows what he wants.


perfect man works great, first enter in the plot through his comedya few crazy situations adaptation between human and humanoid. But little by little, the film becomes a much deeper story that raises interesting questions, as if the illusion is a form of reality. Are these relationships real, or are they just programmed to work that way? Do I need to consider everything or is it better to let go?

Alma raises a lot of questions as a result of topics that we are not going to gut. One scene is enough to see how whoever decides to enter the game automatically becomes a happy, unattractive man with an attractive robot who finds him irresistible. It’s an illusion, yes, but he’s happy.

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perfect man German director Maria SchraderStefan Zweig: Goodbye Europe, personal life). The film was presented in the official selection of the 71st Berlin Film Festival, where the main character Maren Eggert received the Silver Bear for the best role.

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