When bullying can turn into deadly revenge


Andrew Arconada it’s completely “impressed” for the movie you’re talking about this week, little pig, “First of all, because of our topic, we are talking about Sarah (Laura Galan), fat teenager who lives in a small town and insulted by his peers class, especially for the whole group of teenagers, beautiful and cool. The insult they dedicate to her is the title of the movie, piggy. The problem is that no one comes out to protect her, not even her childhood friends from the city.

Painting ‘Pig’.

Sarah, the critic explains digital freedom D EsRadio“She’s a sensitive woman who, in quotes, has been used to enduring bullying since she was a child.” To make matters worse, “he doesn’t have parents who don’t help him much in his growth.” Great work FROMArmen Machi plays Sarah’s mother.

However, this summer everything will change with the arrival in the city “a rather strange stranger who is a killer“and it comes to instilling justice. So this stranger” is going to kidnap young women who harass Sarahwho happens to be walking towards them in a van.” Sarah will have to “decide whether to report what she saw or keep silent in retaliation.” little pig.

Painting ‘Pig’.

Arkonada assures that “little pig It’s a gripping film, sad, but quite sensitive to Sarah’s character.” A film that “although makes us very nervous throughout the whole frame, has a really very heavy ending, a focus on sensitive spirits,” he warns. Film” is necessary, staged the dilemma of how far bullying can go and to what extent no one should judge anyone by their appearance.” From here you will see “the consequences that such terrible things as bullying can have at the moment.”

Painting ‘Pig’.

Story FROMherd “He can be included in so-called horror films, especially because of his ending.” Although, if we talk about terror, then “the main character lives in terror from the very beginning of the film.” little pig It was presented at the Sitges Festival after its world premiere at the last Sundance Festival. little pig There is a script by the director himself (Charlotte Pereda) and is inspired by the award-winning short film of the same name in Spain and abroad.

little pig out in cinemas in Spain this Friday October 14.



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